Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Did Promise

Well, I did promise Christmas pictures. We had such a lovely day. It was Summer’s first Christmas and we think that she had a nice time. New Year’s has already come and gone…It is hard to believe that it is already 2011. I hope that this year brings many blessings…I plan on doing my best to make it a great year! I found this quote in January/February edition of Victoria magazine and wanted to share it.

I no longer make goals that stretch far into the future, but try to achieve, to learn to wonder and to keep gratitude in my heart for each tender mercy...and I plant tulips in autumn with the hope that when spring comes, I will be here to see them bloom.~~Jenni Farnes

I think it says a lot. I also wanted to share what I wrote as my wishes last year for the New Year…

1) We can all find that quiet bit of peacefulness that surrounds us on Christmas Eve. To be able hold that feeling always and share that love with everyone and everything around us.
2) I wish that my husband has many healthy years ahead as he has been through so much in this life and that he has the ability to enjoy them.
3) I wish that all of my family and friends have many healthy and happy years ahead as this life can be truly beautiful!
4) I wish to be given the strength that I need when times are difficult and know how to handle the difficulties.
5) I wish to continue to be able to see the beauty around me and in things as I do even when things seem ugly.
6) I wish for my own good health so that I may be able to take care of those that I love.
7) I wish for my family and friends to be able to feel my love not by my words but through my actions.
8) I wish to continue to be blessed with the gift of creativity both musically and artistically so that it may help me to give to others and make them happy.
8) I wish for all people to find the beauty within themselves.

~~Dena K. Miller

As we move forward into this New Year, I send you wishes for love, peace, patience, serenity and wisdom.

Much Love,


Milady Leela

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