Thursday, August 16, 2012

Friends,Food,Creativity and Closets

Today was a fabulous day!!!! My Friend Donna and I enjoyed a yummy breakfast at a local restaurant and then we came back to my house to create wreaths for gift giving.

We created the wreaths by using coffee filters and 1/2 inch pipe insulation.  I am really happy with how mine came out.  In the near future, I will be posting a video of our DIY Wreath Tutorial and Chit Chat. For now, I will share the above picture.  The only thing left I have to do is attach a ribbon for hanging.
In addition, I began working on organizing my closet.

 It is beginning to look really nice!  Next, I plan on organizing my vanity and creating a better space for storing my make-up collection.  I also plan on filming a video of my progress.
Stay tuned♥

Much Love,

Milady Leela

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