Sunday, March 10, 2013

Family Time

This past Wednesday, Jimi and I took his Mom(my Mom-In -Law) to a doctor appointment. After her appointment, she suggested that we have lunch which was an unexpected surprise!!! So...we went to one of her favorite hometown diners and shared lunch time together.   It was so yummy!!!
Mom had this...

Jimi enjoyed a Bacon,Lettuce and Tomato sandwich with cheese and cucumbers

 ...and I had scrambled eggs with potato's,Bacon and Italian Bread toast...LOL, it looks like I had a huge plate of bacon...should have arranged my plate better for you to see...oh well, it was very yummy and you get the point...tee hee!

After lunch, we went shopping... Mom took us to a new store in her town that sells all kinds of stuff at inexpensive prices...they have it all, clothes,  jewelry,  housewares...etc! and I found this!  I have to say, Delicious Leopard Pillow!!!!  It was only Ten Dollars!!!!!What a bargain!!!!

After shopping, we had a bit of a scare....we were loading our purchases in the van when Mom started to take a fall.  Jimi was already in the drivers seat,  I was next to Mom...When I saw her starting to fall, I fortunately caught her!  Whew! That was a close glad she did not fall!   Mom is 85 and is gong to be 86 in May.  She is just the cutest!!!! A while ago, she and I went Thrift Shopping together.  I filmed a video about what we purchased and our time together...

I just love Family Time!!!!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

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