Thursday, July 25, 2013

Musical Update.

Hello My Friends!

Today I have updated the opening music here on my Blog!  Once again Thanks to my Dear Friend Topper Fralick who has created this Fantasy Piece for me!  I am preparing to visit the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival soon and will capturing Photographs as well as filming a Video to share with all of you.  I had asked Topper to be a part of the musical aspect of my vision and as usual, he has come up with something so very amazing!! The link to this music is on the right hand side should just automatically play as you are visiting here, however since it is newly updated, it may take a while before that happens.  If that is the case as you are reading this, please visit the sidebar and click on the "Sound Cloud" link.

Much Love,

Milady Leela

**Photo courtesy of Google Images


  1. I LOVE IT!! SOOO Magickal! Have Fun at the Pittsburg Ren Fair!!! I will be covering the one in Tuxedo Park NY!!! Can't wait to exchange stories!


  2. Glad you like it!!! For sure on Story exchanges...looking forward to hearing yours♥