Friday, March 21, 2014

Rose and Fennel Handmade Soap

Hello my Lovelies!!!

Today, I have to share with you just how beautiful this Handmade Soap I created is!  I will be taking this to my Truck Show Tomorrow.  I love how the color swirled into a beautiful design along with the rose petals and fennel.

After the Soap had cured, I cut it into smaller pieces so that it may be used as "Guest Soaps."

This is a Goatsmilk Soap Base so it is very nourishing for your skin.  I have also included a bit of oats for exfoliation.  The Rose and Fennel provide healing properties medicinally.  Spiritually, Rose provides Contentment, Happiness, Patence, Love and Protection.
Fennel's Spiritual properties provide, Protection, Purification and Clarity into the shadows of difficulty.  Both have Feminine Energy, therefore this combo is a beautiful treat for yourself or  for a friend.  An added bonus is that it smells so so good!
If you are interested in purchasing some of this soap, I can create a block Just for you or you can purchase it as pieces.  Individual pieces are $1.25 and Full loaves are $12.50. There will also be a charge for shipping of course,  I send out packages in Priority Mail Boxes.  Leave me a comment with your email address and I can send you an invoice.
Hope you are having a Magical Day!!!
Milady Leela


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    1. Jennifer, so funny that you said that...Some people say that they look good enough to eat! Truthfully speaking, they are so pretty but so fantastic for your skin!