Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stage Two~Healing Souls Through Art

~Healing Souls Through Art~
Stage two of my Quotes and Curiosities Collection of Mixed Media Art Cards.
Reminding us to "LIVE LIFE BEAUTIFULLY" and nurturing a little self love. Each card represents a specific needs for you to do so.
For example, Rose, for finding your inward and outward beauty.
Sage, for protection of yourself.
Peppermint, for energizing.
Lavender, for remembering to Love who you are,
Bay, for releasing negative energy and thoughts. Eucalyptus, for healing.
I have a few more finishing touches before each is complete.
If you would like or need one for yourself or a special someone, message me to let me know.
Much love to you my friends, for it is you that inspires my Soul.
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