Sunday, August 4, 2013

On Display

Hello My Friends....once again we meet here.  I must mention Thank you so much for Visiting!!!
So I was asked to display my Gypsy Jewelry Designs at a local Boutique.  The other day, I took a few Photo's of some of my Jewelry and Head Bands on display and wanted to share it with you.


If you are interested in any of these designs and/or would like to make a purchase...message me or leave me a comment for more information and I will get back to you
You can also check out The Boutique I have mentioned here:

Also, I am planning on sharing a couple of special post that I have in the works, soon...more than likely, the first one is going to be in regard to this
If this is something you are interested in too...please join in on the fun...all of the information is in the post.

Second, is going to be magical post about the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival...Jimi and I have to go there first but I have some goodies up my sleeve brewing, so stay tuned for that♥ So....hope to see you soon back here and as always....

Much Love,
Milady Leela


  1. Hey Dena,
    That's so great that your jewelry is being carried at a boutique. Your designs are so lovely-- you are one creative lady! I received the tea book in the mail-- it's so sweet! I'll be showing it off on Tuesday.

    1. Thanks so much Michelle!!! I appreciate that! Oh and I am super glad that you received your prezzie and I am glad that you like it!!! Looking forward to reading about it on your blog♥
      Much love,