Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happenings This Week ~Painting at the Tea Shoppe and Planning/Journaling Treasures

On Monday with a little help from our Friends, Jimi and I painted the Tea Shoppe.  We kicked it out in 8 hours.  Check out the Album here on Facebook:
It is truly coming about and we are so looking forward to this new adventure in our lives.  I have been working like mad, creating new inventory for the shoppe.  The Prayer/Blessings Candles are really beautiful and smell so lovely with the addition of herbs,oils and spices that I have put into the wax.

Also, I have added a new collection to my Magical Coins.  This is what I posted about it on Facebook..
"Working on creating a New Collection of Magical Coins. This new collection is going to be called "The Goddess" Collection...these precious little gems can be placed in a space that Is sacred to you or held within your pocket or handbag. All are created with intention to bring you peace, love, prosperity and protection.
At the moment, you can visit my Etsy Boutique to purchase from "The Faery " Collection..."

Once complete, I will be placing these sweet magical coins at the Tea Shoppe too.

Well..still have work to do to get the Tea Shoppe ready for opening so stay tuned with me here and on Facebook at

I also want to share the treasures I found at Michaels this week for my Planner and Journals.  I am so excited about all this has truly become an addiction, Oh My!!!
I posted this photo on Instagram and it got such attention, so I am not the only one who is a Planner Nerd...Tee Hee!!!

Let me know if you are a Planner Nerd too...I would love to see some photo's of your Planners and or Journals. Haha.. I am (planning) to film a video of how I use my Planners and Journals and what they look like inside so stay tuned for that if you will.

One last thing, I put together this collage of photo's that you can print out to use as Journal Cards if you wish.

They are all so lovely!!! You can also frame the entire Page for a lovely wall collage photo.  I do recommend that you print it out on quality card stock paper for best results♥
Much Love and Bright Blessings,
Milady Leela

* All Collage Photo's from Google Images with the exception of the top middle which is from my Friend Tina Mamula


  1. Such beautiful treasures! I am so excited to sea your finished tea shoppe, it is so exciting!

  2. Jennifer..thanks so much. I simply am beaming with excitement too!!!! Will be sharing more here on the blog as we progress!!