Monday, August 10, 2015

A gathering of The Spiritual Sisters ~ Creating Smudge Wands

A meeting of The Spiritual Sisters was called last evening. We had planned ahead to create Smudge Wands.
The girls were to bring a collection of Sage , either wildcrafted from their Herb Gardens or from the Market.  In addition, each was to select a Rose of their choice. I selected Red, to symbolize Passion in all that I do and my Zest and Love for Life.
This video will share the preparations for this Spiritual Gathering.

As the night came, Our Shannon and Tara, were not able to attend but Kristen and I carried on to create our Lovely Smudge Wands.  Kristen brought a sweet little gift for all of us...each was presented a mug that she felt called to purchase that spoke of our individual personalities.

I so adore the one she selected for me♥
Our completed Smudge Wands came out so Beautiful and Magical!!!

What do you all think?

So in Love with these and are super excited to have them dry so that we can burn them and say our Blessing Prayer.
 Our Gathering was absolutely Magical and just what we needed as it had been a while since we have been together.
Wishing you Much Love and Many Blessings♥
Milady Leela

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