Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Day In The Life~Finding Beauty in the Ordinary~Food and Friendship

The Month of May was filled with Many Many Blessings for me!
Such wonderful, positive energy and vibration was abundant in my world.
I thought I would share some other photos of one of the days Jimi and I joined our Friends Robin and Roger for Lunch in the Pittsburgh Pa Strip District area.
A beautiful and Magical Day Indeed!!!!

 My Beautiful Friend Robin and Me at Roland's Restaurant after our amazing Luncheon Feast....Next up, an enjoyable browse at one of my Favorite places in the Strip Dist.
                                                       "Roxanne's Dried Flowers"
If you are ever in Pittsburgh, I totally recommend visiting this beautiful and magical place.

 After Lunch and browsing, we always like to end our day back at The Farm♥

 Do you see Moxie the horse peeking out of her Barn?

 ...ans Chief, enjoying the grass and sunshine.

Thank you to Robin and Roger for making my Day so very special.

How do you like to celebrate your Birthday and/or Birthday Month?

Much Love,
Milady Leela


  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful impressions with us! And Roxanne's Dried Flowers looks like a truely magical place to visit :)

    1. Uta. It I'd a pleasure to have you visit me here...thank you.
      Roxanne's is magical indeed. You would love it@

  2. Cute horse! Love the unicorn sculpture!

    1. That Unicorn sculpture was so cool!

    2. That Unicorn sculpture was so cool!