Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lovely Weekend Surprise.

This past weekend, our Band had a night off due to Our Lead Guitarist's scheduled surgery. So with a free day and evening to spend, Jimi and I took a little trip to Columbiana Ohio and stayed overnight. We had a Gift Certificate to use for The Dutch Village Inn. You can visit the website here: Our room had a sitting area and a fireplace. We had the fire going all night and into the morning, it was so romantic and sweet.
It was one of the most relaxing get away's that we have had since our vacation in July. On the property, there are a few quaint little shops and a restaurant. We had a lovely dinner and Jimi bought me a charm for my charm bracelet at the jewelry shop. My bracelet is of the vintage type where the charms dangle from the links on the bracelet. The charm we picked this time, is a filigree heart that to me resembles the style of the Pennsylvania Dutch font. I love my new charm! Just so you know, I have been collecting charms for a very long time. Each time that we go somewhere special, we try to find a charm that commemorates the event or place we are at. I still have room to add on my bracelet, but it will soon be filled and at that time, I will then start one of those Pandora or "Pandora like" charm bracelets. I want to take a picture of my bracelet so you can see my collection of charms. That will have to be in an upcoming post. will be soon. I'll have pictures to post of this trip soon too.
Last time, I told you that I had found a couple of dresses at the Thrift Shoppe. I have a few pictures to share of one of the dresses now.

The other, I will share this week. I plan to wear it tomorrow. Please check back soon...I will try to have all the pictures promised.

Hope you too had a lovely weekend!
Much Love,


Milady Leela

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