Saturday, October 22, 2011

Get Ready For Halloween

Today is the day!!!! It is the day for the Annual Halloween Blog Party hosted by Vanessa from Afancifultwist. I have been participating in this spooktacular event for the past few years now and it has always been such fun! For this years post, I have decided to share pictures of Halloween Costumes from the past.... Halloween has always been so much fun because it is so exciting to first decide what you would like to be and then dressing up to be that being.

I love dressing up in costume!!! You can be so creative in how you put your costume together. I think the best costumes are the ones that are totally out of the ordinary. I love costumes that are created by using items that you would not normally think "Costume" and then putting them together to create something amazing. Check out these amazing costumes on The Martha Stewart website here:
A good friend of ours who is also a musician has created this video for the season...this was the surprise I had promised.

It would be fun to listen to this music while getting dressed in your Halloween costume or preparing for a Halloween party.
Please be sure to check out Topper's Youtube Channel for other creative and awesome video's. In addition, stop on over at Vanessa's party. You will be so glad that you did! Here is the link below:

Much Love,


Milady Leela

P.S. I would love your comments as to which of Martha's costumes are your favorites and of course your comments on my costumes pics. Hope you enjoyed the Party!!!!!


  1. What fun costumes. Thanks for the link to Martha's fun. I especially love the baby owl costume, way too cute!

  2. I like all of the costumes, as I LOVE dress up ;) I do LOVE the blue/teal in the first photo, yumm!

    What wonderful halloween fun! You are such a delight!!

    ♥ Vanessa (A Fanciful Twist)

  3. I am a lover of dress up as well so I love all the costumes. :) And I love that you shared your past Halloween disguises with us. So cool. I also like the blue one.

    Have an amazing Halloween!!


  4. I had a great time at yor party, and your costumes were woundrous. I know that you and your friends had fun too. Please visit me:

  5. Hi there! Fabulous costumes! All of them are really nice :) Happy Halloween!!!

  6. I LOVE dressing up, too.....I have 4 boxes I call my costume bins full of fancy, pretty things I find at Thrift Stores and such!

    I love the classic vampire costume....A great departure from the rock and roll type vampire costumes you see a lot of nowadays!

    Thanks so much for having me :)

  7. I think that the first costume (the blue one) is my favourite.

    Thanks for sharing them, I loved seeing all the costumes your guys dressed up in. :-)

  8. Thank you for your comment....As far as the chimes daughter did it for me. i have no idea how to do it myself...maybe go to playlist and type in chimes...sorry not sure.
    Oh yes, I loved how you dressed up your costume..great job all the way around...

  9. Lots of fun costumes and what a great video, the graveyard images are stunning.
    Happy Halloween and Enjoy the Party!

  10. fab costumes :)
    Sorry it is taking me so long to get round all the parties,
    why not hop over for a spooky tale at my place :
    the more the merrier :)


    Please fly by my party when you can...
    Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy >^..^<

    Princess Diana's Wedding Ring Giveaway & Haunted Halloween Party:

    P.S. This ring can be used as a Magickal Dowser...

  12. Well Milady Leela,
    I would have to say that I love the Polka dot skirt, and who could resist that Halloween Baby Boo. She is Adorable. Love the hat. My favorite costume Martha ever did was the Dead Lady Equestrian. Awesome. It was very haunting and romantic. Plus she did a layout in her mag, and I loooooooved the Black horse. I want him to ride on Halloween night.
    Please do stop by for a cup or two of Pumpkin TEA at my MAD HALLOWEEN PARTY. We would love to have you for a visit.
    Spells and Wishes
    Wendy from Wonderland

  13. love the first costume!! such a fun party!
    thanks for having me!
    Happy Halloween
    lisa by the bay

  14. Fun post. I dress up every year even if it is only to hand out candy! LOVE the black & white video you have here...spooky shots! Please come have tea with me~
    Happy Halloween!

  15. Thank you to everyone who has joined my Party! I am so glad that you were able to join me....have a happy and safe Halloween♥