Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Look

Hello Everybody!! This week I have changed the look of my Etsy Shoppe, My FaceBook Artist Page and My Twitter Page...Thanks to my lovely and talented friend Shanna Marie Brawner.  She is a Graphic Artist and Designer and created the new look for my Pages.  She also made Tags to match for my business so that I can attach them with my contact info to my work.  Below is a peek of what she has created.

Etsy Banner♥

Front of Tag♥

You can visit her Webpage here:

I am just so happy with what she done..Please check out my Pages to see how they look and let me know what you think..I would love your comments. I love how it has a vintage vibe with a gypsy and kind of circus like look too...super SWEEEEEET!!!!

I have also been posting Video's on my channel too.  Have you seen them? You can if you have not by going here:

...and, I have been working hard on creating Christmas gifts...I am almost done.  I love a Handmade Christmas!!! Who is with me?

One last note, I send wishes your way for a Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your families♥ Have a Beautiful Day!  I hope to post again before the Holiday but if I do not, I wanted to make sure that I sent my wish your way.

Much Love,
Milady Leela

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