Monday, June 3, 2013

Roses,Roses Everywhere and other Enchanting News!

Have I mentioned I love Roses?  LOL, I know I have.

  My front yard Rose Bush surprised me today with the most beautiful blooms.

 Oh how I love Roses!! They have always been my Favorite Flower!!!

 I once was told by a Psychic that she saw Roses all around me and It is very true!!! I have several Rose Bushes in my yard and am always drying Roses in my home.  Jimi always presents me with Roses on My Birthday, Our Anniversary and the like...he knows that Roses make my heart go pitter patter♥

What is your favorite Flower?

In other enchanting news, Our Band, The Sidewinder Band and the Trio have been working a lot as of late! Also, I have been over this past week working on bringing you a Shopping Haul Video.  It has been a real challenge because the file of the video became corrupted somehow while uploading from my Camera onto my computer.  Due to that, it took 3 days to process in my movie maker software. Now as I type, it is taking a very long time to save.   I hope it uploads onto YouTube with ease...Let's keep our fingers crossed. In addition, I will have an OOTD to share soon too.  Feel free to visit my Channel to check them out.

Most Exciting news of the week is that on Friday,  May 31st, I launched a new Jewelry Boutique!  I am super excited about it and I think you all will be too.  In this Boutique I hand-pick jewelry pieces from new designers and offer you all fantastic discounts to purchase amazing and unique pieces!!!! I would love for you to check out my Milady Leela Boutique. Let me know what you think about it!!! I love the fact that I can help to promote other Jewelry Designers by showing their work here in my New Boutique♥


I  still design and create my own OOAK pieces that are available through me directly or in my Etsy Shoppe

Yes...these are the things in my life that keep me busy but I love that I can share them all with you!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

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