Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday Brings Gems and my love for E.L.F

Today is Wednesday and for whimsy I want to share with you my new Nail look for the week. I heard about this nail polish called "Gems" by Milani on a YouTube video and thought it was so pretty. It is a glitter polish(which I love you know) but it has flecks of all different colors. Most glitter polish is either gold, silver, iridescent or one particular color of sparkle. I love this because it is so different!!!!! This time I combined it with a rich blue color called "Ciao Bella" by Sinful Colors. I just adore the combination!!!

My technique is as follows:
apply a base coat
apply two thin coats of Ciao Bella
apply two thin or one heavy coat of Gems
finish with a top coat sealer.

On another note...lalalalala.....I was able to get together with my lovely friend Donna for breakfast today. We spent some time catching up over coffee. We talked about so many things and it was a great time spent together. A while ago, I had made some bird feeders and decided to give Donna one of the feeders and a jar full of birdseed to take home.

Below is the tutorial. It is super easy and fun to make.

One last thing, I have been loving E.L.F. cosmetics!!!! How cool is that name? It stands for Eyes, Lips and Face....but I also think it is cool since I love Faery's and elves and all magical creatures. Anyway, The cosmetics are great quality and very affordable so I made a couple of videos regarding my purchase and my review of the product. I also include beauty tips in the videos too. You can find these here or on my Youtube channel. Please check them out, I would love your feedback.

I hope that you are all having a beautiful week!

Much Love,


Milady Leela

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