Monday, January 27, 2014

A Busy Bee

I have been a very busy bee as of late!!! I literally have been stung by the honey bee for the last week in that I have been creating the most Amazing Beeswax Candles and Melts of different kinds!!!  I am starting to to think that the Honey Bee is becoming one of my totems, besides the butterfly, owl and of course the Cat. All of that is another blog post for sure...hmm, that would make for some interesting content.  Anyone up for that? It would be fun!  ok, ok....back to the point!  As said, I  have been melting wax for a week so far....There are candles and melts of different shapes invading my wooden round table in my Studio!  My house smells so amazing!!!! I must share as one of my sweet friends said...the wax smells...well...."so peaceful."  Yes, that is how it smells...if you can imagine that.  Truly peaceful!!!  Anyway, I wanted to share what has been created.  I will melt, pour and hand dip for another week and then begin working on more Gypsy and Mermaid Jewelry..

 Why such a Busy Bee you ask?  Spring is around the corner and that means I will be participating in Shows again.  I had sold out of so many pieces of jewelry and all of my candles over the Holidays...So that is my reason...truth be told, I am always such a Busy Bee anyway...which is why I said earlier that The Honey Bee is becoming one of my Totems.  It is rather....I am just realizing it now.  I will talk more about this in another post soon.
Also happening in My Enchanting World....My sweet Grand-Baby came over yesterday and so did my Youngest daughter Nikki.  We had such a great time making hot Cocoa,  playing music and spending time together.  I cooked a fabulous and yummy meal...

  ~Sausage and Potato Skillet.~
 I have written a Kitchen Spells post with the recipe if you are interested.
This time though, I changed it up a little by using only broccoli and omitting corn and onions. I also cut the sausage up into  pieces, allowing to make more of the meal for sharing. Everyone enjoyed it.

  I love this recipe.  The great thing about this recipe is that you can use what you have on hand.

I have also been enjoying Instagram and posting daily affirmations from my Faery Oracle Deck.  My Instagram is linked to my Facebook and Twitter so if you follow me there too, you can see waht I am posting.  Yesterday's Affirmation was Visualization.

Such a wonderful card as it affirms to visualize only what you desire, avoid visualizing that which you do not desire.  So true and very important to remind yourself of every day.  Manifesting your dreams come first by visualizing what you want and then you can reach for them.

I hope you are all doing well...staying warm if it is cold where you are and enjoying the warmth if you live in a warmer climate.  Tomorrow, I will be posting a "Tutorial Tuesday."  I have not done that in a while....but have a couple of things to share with you that I think you will like.  So, come back and visit...

Much Love and Bright Blessings,
Milady Leela

*Bee Girl photo courtesy of Google Images.


  1. Oh that bee's wax looks absolutely divine. I agree it just has the sweetest, loveliest most natural scent. And your cooking too looks sooo yummy! Got to try that recipe!

    1. Jennifer, if you could only smell how good the candles and melts smell♥ Creating these candles and working with this wax is truly Magical....on another note, if you decide to try the recipe, let me know what you think,,,it is really yummy!!!