Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

This year as in any other year, Valentine's Day is very special for us!! Jimi and I were married on Valentine's Day so of course it would be. 
Valentine's Day 2013 was shared at one of our favorite places...Cafe Notte!  It is a quaint and romantic restaurant with a flair for amazing style and grace!!!  As it turned out, our Band members also had reservations too so we all were able to chat and listen to the piano player that was there.  Jimi and I had the opportunity to meet the Piano player and he invited me to sing a couple of songs while he played.  That was really cool!!! Take a peek at this lovely place.

Both Jimi and I were very dressed up but I only got one photo of us after we came home.

 Jimi had already changed into his jeans and tee shirt....darn, wished I could have taken a photo of him before he changed!! He was wearing a black Pinstriped Suit with a red shirt and a Jerry Garcia red patterned tie.  Man o Man, he looked so Sharp!!! ....and I in my Red Dress.  I also wore at dinner, a black faux fur wrap that tied in a bow at the front with a black satin bow.  Jimi really liked the wrap, tee hee, I had it for quite a while and he just noticed it now.  Well, I really do not wear it that often anyway and thought that this was a good opportunity to do so.  I must also share that the Red Dress is the one I showed in my latest Thrift Shoppe Video!!!  I absolutely LOVE finding designer clothing on the cheap and rocking it like a million bucks!!! 
Cards and flowers were also a part of this Valentine's Day Celebration.

...and I did also receive a Pandora Inspired Valentine's Day Bracelet.  It is silver with pink Valentine hearts, lips and bling.  The lobster claw clasp is also just the cutest!!! It is a heart shaped lock.  Super cute I say!!!!

To finish this year's celebration....our Band played a Valentine's Day Dance at the Washington Moose Club this weekend. My Mom and Step-Dad came out and our friends Robin and Roger Seeber were there too.  Robin is the most amazing artist not only with her Doll Designs but with her Photography as well.  She took hundreds of photo's of the Band.  This is one that I said that I must have been thinking of Jimi.

 What great memories of another Valentin's Day this year♥

What did you all do to Celebrate?

Much Love,
Milady Leela

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