Sunday, December 17, 2017

Spoken Loud and Clear

So just let me tell you....I happened to stumble upon this deck via a Youtube Review and was totally IN LOVE from that point on! I googled the website for the deck and found that I could order via Amazon and /or Etsy. So in doing further research, I actually found a way to contact the creator of the deck and reached out to her. She was so nice and was very willing to talk with me about the deck and the questions I had at the time about ordering.

So, I ordered the deck! When it arrived, I was awe struck! It truly is that Magical. This is the deck that I reach for most when doing a reading for myself. It is also the deck I reach for when a female client asks me for a reading. I use the deck to read for them in my Magical Kitchen and then film the explanation. I then send the video file to the client in a private email message. It has been a beautiful way of delivering the messages received every time!!!! Let me know if you would be interested in a reading from this deck. Message me to let me know. I would be honored to share this experience with you.

Now this reading that you see in the photo, I did for myself the other day. I have decided to create a Tarot Reading Journal in which to record my draws. I believe that this is great idea to look back on to see how your life journey is evolving and for growth of your soul and spirit.
The read for me was very interesting as it confirmed that I need to make some changes in my world, that things I have been doing, have not necessarily been working and that I need to figure somethings out. It also showed me that a new direction is coming my way and that there will be a catalyst happening to help bring that forth. The moment is to be waited for....oh,when will that be? The Universe has it's own time frame which is different from ours.....but I shall wait, I will see it coming and I believe that it is happening soon.

My Journey, this read said will be turning soon...Yay! That is exciting I say!
I will be earning my own way with this journey so to me, that means growth from what I will be doing will be happening spiritually and Monetarily.

The journey will be Joyful and as always...I am a Woman of the Hearthfire!
This is so true as Heath and Home is something that I am extremely passionate about!!!
It is my true desire to be able to be Home and available to my Family, my adoring Fur Babies of my Kitty Committee and Friends by earning my way from doing the things I love to do...which is creating and Journaling through Art, Videos and other Magical Musings of Content for all of you!!! This is my Passion...My Fire of Desire to earn my way by doing this for all of you!!!
Your generous Love and support of me makes that happen and I am ever so GRATEFUL! You make my Heart Full!
Blessings and Much Love,
Milady Leela

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Looking To Be Back Here Soon!

Hello My Beautiful Souls!
I hope this post finds you all well.
I have so much to share with you it isn't funny! Oh my, so much indeed!!
Lots of photos and
stories about Summer Adventures, Autumn Adventures and Band Life.
In addition...and super exciting, I am now on Patreon.
It is a cool place where you get exclusive access to my world. By supporting me there, you can choose the information you wish to access. It's almost like subscribing to a magazine.
So how do you get there?
Click on this link:
Yay!!! I would love for you to become a part of my Faerie Stardust Tribe on Patreon.
I will be there often but so you know, I will also be present on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.
So why did I start on another Social Network site?
I wanted to be able to share in a space where you as a subscriber, could have a more personal connection with me and choose the content you want to subscribe to.
Please consider joining me there, your support helps me to continue doing what I am doing and allows me opportunity to share my work, world and experiences with you in a positive and enchanting environment.
No drama....sounds nice huh?
Anyway, stay tuned for pics and posts here soon.
I send you so much Love and Many, Many Blessings.
Milady Leela

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Updates and Summer Adventures

There have been so many happenings and adventures since my last post. I have been wanting to come back here sooner to share my story with you but time has just not allowed. I know you know what I am talking about.   We all have those moments where life gets so busy and it is hard to juggle it all.
Anyway life is good! I will be updating this beautiful space here for you more and more. A few things have changed already on the right hand sidebar and  if you are interested, I will be offering space for you to advertise your blog, biz or social network page on a monthly basis. The space available is upon approval and is limited to the size I have available at the time. Let me know if you want to chat more about it in the comments.
Also, You will notice that I have created an easier way for you to donate or tip of you will to my Creative Content on Social Media.  Just visit my PayPal Me Button on the right hand sidebar.  No obligation of course to donate, but there if you would like to support what I do.
Soon, I will be posting the happenings of the many Summer Adventures that Jimi and I have been involved in .  In addition, I am on a new mission for 2018. I have started a hash tag to honor it as #savetheearthartfully
What this means for me is that I am working on using up all of the beautiful fabrics that I have been keeping for years and turning them into something lovely and very magical. All of my Love and Energy is in this work.
I bring it to you in the form of beautiful bohemian beads wrapped in wire to be used in so many ways....planner charms, book charms, book marks, window beads, handbag charms...etc.
Goodness these are so addicting and I am Addicted already!

So....My Beautiful Souls, I will be sharing more of this and all of the Summer Adventures I have in Photo's with you soon!
Have a Glorious Sunday filled with all sorts of Magical Goodness!
Much Love,
Milady Leela

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Snippet of My Studio~Where Milady Leela Creates

I thought that I would share a snippet of my Studio Space with you...this space is one of My Magical Spaces of Home.  It is a Space where I Dream,Wish, Read,Write and Create.

 I love this cozy area..I have included a beautiful round table that my Dad had gifted to me. Under the glass is a wooden ships wheel and the base is an iron anchor.  It symbolizes both wanderlust and grounding of my soul to me at the same time.
 I love how the morning light sneaks into the window.
 Books and more books... see my Book of Shadows in the upper left hand corner?  I have been working in her more as of late.  I have made it a ritual to work in her at each full moon cycle and if Spirit calls before, I will do so also.
 Another view of my enchanted Bookcase...see the Tim Burton Inspired Pumpkin on the shelf? I made her at The Teacup and Grounds during one of our Pumpkin Painting Classes.
 Yet another Enchanted Bookcase and reading nook. Oh the books I many to read but so little time.  Who else has that issue?
 My art table is where many of my projects begin.

But the Real MAGIC happens here!   On this desk...where each week Grace is Enchanted with Dreams and Goals to Manifest as well as the all of the Happenings in My Enchanting World.

I invite you to join my Facebook Group here
if you have a love for creating Vision Boards or working Magic into your Planner.

I have missed all of you as I have been so busy with music and creating as of late...but I am here now.  I hope you enjoyed this little snippet into my world.

Much Love,
Milady Leela

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Enchanting Grace and Musical Moments

 I have chosen to give my Planner a name as she has been speaking to me quietly each week to do so.
Since deciding to use my weekly spreads as a Vision Board for the happenings and goals I have planned and want to achieve, I have seen a constant of beauty and grace unfold as I create each spread.  Therefore, I decided to name her "Grace".  My planner definitely has taken on a very feminine form and I have been able to see that each week my life journey is leading me into a path that is helping me to grow spiritually and emotionally. It is so very important to know that we never stop learning in life~there are many lessons to be learned and I  look forward to each and every new adventure of the journey.

  Finding Truth in this journey with Grace and being one with the ebb and flow of life is such a Magical experience!!!  I encourage you to create vision boards for yourself in a book, planner or journal as I am.  You will be delighted and amazed at how it helps to calm your spirit and take you places that you might not have allowed yourself to go before.

Join me on Facebook in my Planner People/ Vision Board Creators Group.  It is a place to be inspired and enjoy friends that are like minded. I would love for you to check it out and share it with those whom you know would also enjoy.
Speaking of Planners etc...I have recently shared a Free Planner Printable with my Group to use in their creative process. Since then, I have also created two more Printable Sheets.  They will be available for your consideration to purchase at $5.00 per sheet. You do not have to a part of the Planner Group to get these.  I will list them in my Etsy Boutique also.  If you want one, message me to let me know and I will electronically send it to you for printing.  I think you will love them as much as I have loved creating them for you.  I have also included some of my favorite quotes goodness, did I mention... I Love them?!!!
In addition, I have had some Musical Moments this past week that I wanted to share.
I mentioned in an earlier blog post that our Band "The Sidewinder Band" was going to be performing at The Monaca Community Days Celebration.

it was a Fabulous time!!! I invite you to check out our Band Page for more photo's and video's of the event.

It was truly a Blast!!!!!

Hope your week is going Awesome!!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

*Photo of me singing courtesy of Amy Fernandez

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Solstice~Summer Pastimes

Summer Solstice is upon us here in my Enchanting  part of the world. Summertime marks some important Rituals for me and my family!
The First being My Granddaughter "Summer" was born on the first day of Summer so it is always a Grand Celebration each year!
Jimi and I have already been to a Fair where his Band, "The Dream Machine" played as the entertainment on opening night.

Such fun at the matter where you catch one!

Our Band The Sidewinder Band is Playing an outdoor event at a Community Day Celebration.

The event is happening his weekend!  We are super excited as it is our first appearance together with this line up..the Coolest thing Ever is that our New Guitar and Bass Player are also a part of The Dream Machine Band so it is a perfect fit for all of us to play music together!!

In addition to Music,I am busy with Trunk Shows, Creating Mixed Media Collage Art, Modeling, Filming/Editing, Blogging, and Teaching Classes and Workshops at various locations this Summer. Just going with the Ebb and Flow of it all!!  No worries Friends, I am taking time to rest and relax♥
One of my Favorite things to do is create art in my Studio and take ritual baths♥
It's all Good!

Jimi and I plan on creating some 2017 summertime memories too by going on adventures near and far as we can fit into our schedule.

What are you doing this Summer?

Much Love, Many Blessings and Many Friendships to Come,
Milady Leela

*van photo courtesy of Google Images.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Day In The Life~Finding Beauty in the Ordinary~Food and Friendship

The Month of May was filled with Many Many Blessings for me!
Such wonderful, positive energy and vibration was abundant in my world.
I thought I would share some other photos of one of the days Jimi and I joined our Friends Robin and Roger for Lunch in the Pittsburgh Pa Strip District area.
A beautiful and Magical Day Indeed!!!!

 My Beautiful Friend Robin and Me at Roland's Restaurant after our amazing Luncheon Feast....Next up, an enjoyable browse at one of my Favorite places in the Strip Dist.
                                                       "Roxanne's Dried Flowers"
If you are ever in Pittsburgh, I totally recommend visiting this beautiful and magical place.

 After Lunch and browsing, we always like to end our day back at The Farm♥

 Do you see Moxie the horse peeking out of her Barn?

 ...ans Chief, enjoying the grass and sunshine.

Thank you to Robin and Roger for making my Day so very special.

How do you like to celebrate your Birthday and/or Birthday Month?

Much Love,
Milady Leela