Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Kitchen Spells" Organization in the Kitchen

I have been wanting to do some Organizing in my Kitchen for quite some time.  With that idea in mind, I have created a new "Kitchen Spell." This recipe is one that will make you feel a great sense of accomplishment and will nourish your Spirit.

Organizing your Kitchen Cabinets
A "Kitchen Spell" by Dena K. Miller

Kitchen Cabinets
Cleaning products (preferably natural products)
Shelf Liner Paper, Wall Paper or Place Mats 
(I used place mats from the Dollar Tree)
Measuring Tape

How To:
Take out all of your dishes, pots and pans etc.
Plan your space...measure the inside of your cabinets either with a measuring tape of you can eye ball it.
Next clean the inside of your cabinets and wipe them dry.
If using either wall paper or shelf liner paper, cut to fit the inside of your cabinets.

Place the liners inside the cabinets and re-stock with your dishes, etc.

Step back and take a look at how amazing your cabinets are now!  Pour your favorite beverage, sit back and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

I know that you will feel Amazing after doing this...there is something to be said about a clean and organized space, it provides such Positive Energy for your Spirit!

Let me know if you decide to take on your own organization project.   I would love to hear about it!

Bright Blessings and Much Love,
Milady Leela

Monday, July 28, 2014

DIY Coffee Stained Papers

A while ago, I filmed a video about creating a book of Herbology.  My plan was to coffee stain papers to use in the book.  This is how I did it!
Select the size of paper you want to use.  I used large sized index cards.  Soak your papers in strong brewed coffee.  The longer you leave the paper in the brew, the darker the color will be.  This technique gives your paper an aged and awesome look.  Carefully remove your papers from the coffee and place on an oven rack.  Set your oven and let the papers "bake". Keep an eye on them as you do not want to start a fire.  The papers should take about 10+ minutes in the oven.  When they are done, you can begin to write on them and use the paper for anything you wish.  I can not wait to use these in my book. 

 On the racks in an oven set at 300 degrees.

Out of the oven and all stacked up.
If you have any questions, send me a message or leave a comment for me.  You can view my Herbology video here: 

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and I would love to hear about your finished projects if you choose to give this a try.

Much Love and Bright Blessings,
Milady Leela

Friday, July 25, 2014

Food and Friendship

Last Saturday, Jimi and I were invited to a friends home for dinner.  She had just recently moved into a new space.  I created a blend of Protection Salts for her and presented it to her in a lovely glass orb.  I also gifted her a Home Protection Blessing Prayer that I rolled into a scroll,then tied it with raffia and included a Witches Ball or Sweetgum Ball which is also very protective.  
If you have not seen the video I filmed in regard to this gift, you can view it here:
You can also read about the Sweetgum Ball here:
Pictured above are the yummy cinnamon buns that I made to take for our dinner party desert.  I added edible pearls to fancy them up and symbolize the beauty and rareness of true friendship.  It was truly a great night spent with Food and Friendship.

Have a Magical Day filled with many Blessings,
Milady Leela

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Magical Happenings in The Boutique

As of late, I have been working on a couple of treasures for my Etsy Boutique. Both of these can be found in the "Potions and Potpourri" Section.  I hope you will visit there and share these lovelies with your friends♥

                                                            *Coffee Cinnamon Soap

You can visit me in the Boutique here:http://www.miladyleela.etsy.com

I will be back soon with Food and Friendship on Friday!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

P.S. Announcing the Give-away winner from the Mad Tea Party ... Laura from  ~L J Dogsmom.
Yay!!! She will be receiving some lovely Rose and Fennel Loose Incense.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sacred Spaces of Home

I have Created a new Altar.
I call this my Feminine Divine Energy Altar.
I represents the beauty of the the Feminine Spirit yet is balanced perfectly with Masculinity.
I love the way this has turned out so much.  Please feel free to watch the video I have created which will share more in detail about my idea and representation of this Sacred Space.

Blessings and Much Love,
Milady Leela

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Magical Places and Spaces of Home


Today I will find Magic in the Simplicity of life.
I have created a beautiful yet simple flower arrangement with several Black Eyed Susan Flowers that have come from my Mother In Law's Garden.
Placed upon the Sideboard in my Living room  in a scarlet vase, it becomes a reminder of Nature's Simple Abundance.  
The vibrant hues of yellow and orange from the  flowers...the serene shade of green from the stems send  a quiet and peaceful message to my soul.

Today, I encourage you to find the Simplicity in Life....for Magic is all around you.  Bring it home to your soul  and know that you are Blessed..

Much Love and Bright Blessings,
Milady Leela

Saturday, July 12, 2014

It's A Mad Tea Party Kitchen Spell

Come along and join me...

                                         A Kitchen Spell is Brewing!!!!

 Our tea is steeping.

 I would like to start with my Tea Iced....how about you?

 Now, let's get to mixing ....
 ...so we can bake a spicy and sweet treat.
 Oh so yummy and good to eat!

 How about some Gunpowder Green...have you ever tried it?  It is bold and strong...I will put the kettle on!

 Don't you just adore that cute little tea stainer?  It's a Tea House!!!

 Ready for sugar?  I will get you a spoon.

 Lovely Tea Pots, Treasures and Herbs adorn the room.

 So many Tea Cups...it is sometimes hard to choose.

 Shall we take our Tea Outside?

 Let's get the Kitty Committee Involved ....They don't need to hide.

 Come Mister Jackson, Midi and Zoey Beth...it will be fun!

 Run to the catnip...make sure you get some.  I can prepare some Catnip Tea for us too...it truly makes an interesting brew.

If you would like, we will go back inside....
 Making Magic in the kitchen is the perfect pastime!

Time to rest up before you go....Please, feel free to do so.

 I am so happy that you have stopped by to join me today but there is one more thing, oh by the way!
Please drop by for a visit to the Lovely Miss V.   Tell her I said hello and give her big hugs from Me!

 What a Magical Day it has been!  I hope you will come back soon....and remember that tonight, there is a Full Moon!!!

Now as my way of thanking you for joining me today, I would love to offer you a little give-away.

I have created a Magical Blend of Loose Incense that can be used for burning, as a potpourri or as bath tea. It has been infused with my intention to bring you Love, Luck, Healing and Peace.
Leave me a comment here and I will enter your name in a random drawing.  I will choose a winner on Saturday July 19th.  Please be sure to stop by again to see if  your name has been drawn.
If you wish to learn more about this magical blend, visit my Etsy boutique here:http://www.miladyleela.etsy.com

Much Love, Light and Enchantment,
Milady Leela

*all photographs, created and taken by Me(Dena K. Miller), with the exception of Mr. Jackson and Zoey Beth taken by Robin Armstrong Seeber.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Today's Affirmation

Today's Affirmation...With perseverance, courage and love...You have the Power to make your dreams manifest into reality. Believe in Yourself , Respect Yourself and you will create all that your heart desires!

Blessings and Much Love,
Milady Leela

Monday, July 7, 2014


Hello my Friends!

I have been wanting to share this with you for so long but it seems that so may other things got in the way...well it is time.  I am excited to share it with you now!
In the month of May, as you know, Jimi and I went to Sedona Arizona.  While we were there, we heard of a small town called Jerome.  Supposedly, this town is Haunted as it once was an old west town and it is said that those spirits still reside there.  Now it is an adorable artsy town with many boutiques and eateries. There is also an old hotel that still accommodates guests.  I have to admit that you do get a sense of  the town being haunted while you are there....it is just a feeling as if those that have past on are still lingering around the town that once was  theirs.
Our first stop in Jerome was a restaurant called The haunted Hamburger.  My friend Justina from https://www.facebook.com/LaBohemeMagique told Jimi and I about this place...we so had to check it out!

Next..we went shopping!!!! Oh My, My!!!!

Jimi took a photo of my Sister in law and me outside one of the quaint little boutiques. 

Aren't these just the most adorable signs?  
Now...here comes my favorite boutique of the entire town!!!!!
 Papillon Antiques..this store was so much fun!!!  I adore vintage everything and this boutique was definitely resonating with me!

Look at the hats and do you see the vintage cash register?

 They actually use it for their business!!! So cool I say!  By the way....I love all of these super cute vintage hats!

 I really love how they decorate with the items that are for sale.

 This stained glass window was so pretty to look at with the sun shining through it....and while I was looking at it, I saw a tiny little lizard running up and down it from the outside.  We do not see that kind of thing in Pa. Tee Hee!
 I adore how the lamp separates a section of the selling floor.

 Is this boutique not amazing?

 Every corner, nook and cranny, filled and brimming to the max with treasures to look at!

 ....housed at the entrance,  in the small cabinet to the left were tiny vintage perfume bottles. Yes, this boutique had me from the start♥
...and so ends this beautiful day as we headed back to Sedona.  I do look forward to visiting the town of Jerome again.
For a peek at all the quaint little Boutiques, visit here http://www.azjerome.com/jerome/shops/

Blessings and Much Love,
Milady Leela

P.S. check out the Playlist I have put together regarding our time in Sedona...it is truly a Magical Place on Earth! I love it there so very much♥