Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kitchen Spells...Artisan BLT Sandwiches and Pan Grilled Garden Zucchini

Hello My Friends!!!!

I am here with another Kitchen Spells Post for you....Oh my, this is super yummy and really easy to concoct!

I know you will want to give it a try so here is the recipe...from my Kitchen to Yours!

~Artisan BLT Sandwiches and Pan Grilled Garden Zucchini~
A Kitchen Spell by Dena K. Miller

Ingredients as follows:

4 slices of Italian Bread
1/2 pound of Bacon
Sliced Garden Tomatos
Sliced Red Sweet Onion
Iceberg Lettuce
Cocktail Sauce
Course Sea Salt
Cracked Pepper 

For Zucchini:

One large Garden Zucchini
One Tablespoon of Garden Seasoning
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How to:

Begin by cooking bacon.  I take the pound package and cut it in half.

Toast Bread Slices and set aside.

While the Bacon is cooking, prepare a mixture of mayonnaise and cocktail sauce.  I use about 1 tbs of each mix this together and set aside.

Slice about two small to medium garden tomato's.

Slice one small to medium Red Sweet onion.

Slice Iceberg Lettuce and use about a handful for each sandwich.

Meanwhile, cut and slice the Garden Zucchini...truth be told, it does not matter how you do this.  I happen to like mine cut in long chunks with the skin on.
Next, prepare pan with EVOO and allow to get really hot.

Once pan is hot, place Zucchini in pan, sprinkle generously with Garden Seasoning( I purchased mine at Sam's Club, but you could use any brand or kind that has a mixture of seasoned spices).

Pan grill until tender on one side then turn over.
Again, generously coat the other side with the Garden Seasoning and continue to pan grill until tender.
Remove from pan and place on a plate, cover to keep warm and set aside.

Getting back to the bacon, cook to your liking....I like mine nice and crispy! Ha...who else is with me?
drain and set aside.
Next toast the Italian Bread then smother each slice with the mayonnaise/cocktail Sauce...btw, this mixture tastes AMAZING!!!!!
Now assemble your Sandwich! 
Begin by layering with the bacon, onions,tomato's and finally the lettuce on one slice of bread then top with another.
Do the same with the other two pieces of bread.
Plate your Artisan Sandwiches and add to it a side of the Pan Grilled Garden Zucchini.

Pour your favorite drink...perhaps some Jasmine Infused Iced Tea
and enjoy your scrumptious meal that you stirred up in no time.  

This Kitchen Spell Recipe serves two♥

As Always....
Much Love,
Milady Leela

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Summer Jewelry Show

Hello my Friends!!  Yesterday was the Jewelry Show that I have been talking about for the last several weeks.  If you follow my Social networks, you will know that I had been preparing for it and sendingout invitations and reminders.  One of which was this...

Anyway, it was a great day and I was totally Happy with my new Background Display!!!!  I thought you might like to see some photo's of the Show.

 Thanks to all of you that came out to the Show! I will be participating in several other shows this Autumn Season, so hope to see you there too....I will have many more new Designs to share.  A brand new collection of Mermaid inspired jewelry is in the works♥  Super excited for that!!! If you do not live local to come to my shows, some of my treasures are in my Etsy Shoppe or you can message me about any designs you see or hear me talk about that may not be in my Shoppe.

Come back soon to visit me here as I will be sharing another "Kitchen Spells" Post soon!!!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kitchen Spells...Something Special is Brewing!

Hello my Friends!!!

 I am back again with another Concoction from my Kitchen, this time I will share my quick and simple recipe for an iced tea Blend that is purrfect for any occasion! Zoey Beth agrees...I am sure you will too!

~Jasmine Infused Tea~
A Kitchen Spell by Dena K. Miller

Ingredients as follows:
4-6 Organic Jasmine Green Tea Bags
Approx 6 cups of Hot Water
Sugar or other sweetener optional(such as a simple syrup)

How to:
Fill a large pitcher with hot water, I do not use boiled water because I like the tea to steep/brew slowly.
Next add 4-6 Jasmine Green Tea Bags

Allow to steep/brew until the water turns a lovely color...the longer you brew, the stronger the tea.
Next remove the tea bags and fill your favorite glass with the Jasmine infused tea
Add ice and enjoy.

If you want to add sugar, I suggest doing so before your tea is chilled from the ice.  I have found that it will mix better that way.  Now, if you would rather add a simple syrup mixture, you can add it before or after the ice.  Some of you may want to add your sugar or syrup directly into the pitcher.  That is fine to do too if you want the entire brewed mixture to be sweetened.

For the simple syrup ...just mix equal parts sugar and water, stir constantly and bring to a boil. Let the mixture cool completely.  You can store this mixture in your refrigerator for about 2-3 weeks.  When I make it, I like to do a large batch so I can add it to other things I stir up in my kitchen....Hmmm, perhaps at another time, I will share my Kitchen Spell recipe for Coffee Liqueur♥ Are you interested? 

Thought you might like this...Here is some info on Jasmine Tea:
Jasmine tea is consumed in China, where it is called jasmine-flower tea pinyin: mò lì huā chá). Jasminum sambac flowers are also used to make jasmine tea, which often has a base of green or white tea, but sometimes an Oolong base is used. Flowers and tea are "mated in machines that control temperature and humidity. It takes four hours or so for the tea to absorb the fragrance and flavour of the jasmine blossoms, and for the highest grades, this process may be repeated as many as seven times. It must be refired to prevent spoilage. The spent flowers may or may not be removed from the final product, as the flowers are completely dry and contain no aroma. Giant fans are used to blow away and remove the petals from the denser tea leaves. In Okinawa, Japan, jasmine tea is known as sanpin cha

Well then, there you have it!  My way of making Iced tea is so easy!  I started making tea this way because I would set the pitcher out in the sun(Sun Tea).  Instead of using hot water, I would fill the pitcher with cold water.  I found however, that I could use hot water from the start and speed up the brewing process. Please give this a try, you can make any kind of tea that you want.  Let me know if you try it out, what you think of this method.  I believe that you will like it, it saves a lot of time.

Stay tuned for my next Kitchen Spells post...
~Garden Grilled Zucchini and Artisan Bacon Lettuce & Tomato Sandwiches with Sweet Red Onion♥

Much Love,
Milady Leela

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday

Well it is that time is after all Tuesday!!! Ready for a Tutorial?  I have not posted one in quite a I hope you enjoy it!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Day In The Life

This past week was really busy!!!  The week started out with me at work on Monday at the Spa. The Band practiced on Tuesday and we took a cool photo of all of us for me to edit.  I  have been playing around a lot lately with a Photo Editing program that my friend Robin told me about so I created some magic to the Band photo.



I also created some more magic to our Trio Band Photo..

On Wednesday, Jimi and I were invited to go to the Oglebay Zoo with our Friend Robin and Roger. We later joined them for dinner at a restaurant called Cheddars.  Jimi and I have never heard of it.  I have to say it was most enjoyable.  My food, I ordered Salmon, was so yummy!!! Jimi ordered Country Fried Steak. His looked really yummy too but it was a bit too rich for me with all of the heavy gravy that it comes with.
I have posted a couple of times already here about this day in previous posts, if you would like to read about it. I also filmed a is on my Youtube Channel...please visit there to hear more about it.

Then on Thursday, we had another Band Practice...Played out on Friday as Sidewinder and on Saturday as The Trio...Busy I say but that is a good thing!

I am now preparing for my upcoming Summer Jewelry Show that takes place this Saturday.  Really looking forward to it!  Remember you all all invited!! If you are local...I would love to see you at the show!
 I have a new idea for a display and can't wait to try it out.  Of course I will get photo's so that I can share it with you...please stay tuned.

Hope you had a great week and sending wishes your way for a magical week to come.
Much Love,
Milady Leela

Friday, August 16, 2013

Beautiful Stripes!

The Zebra is one of my most favorite animals!  The other day Jimi and I had the pleasure of going to the Oglebay Zoo, there we saw many beautiful animals but the Zebra....oh, so beautiful to me♥

Here is a bit of information about this amazing animal!!!
What is most interesting to me is that each Zebra's stripes are unique like fingerprints are to each of us.

Tell me what your favorite animal is...I would love to hear!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Day At The Zoo and On The Seeber Farm

Hello There Friends!  Yesterday Jimi and I were invited to spend the day at the Oglebay Zoo with our Friends the Seeber's, Robin and Roger...they are our R and R!  Yes it is true, they live on a farm and we love visiting them...we truly experience Rest and Relaxation when we are with them! I have talked about visits with them before here on my blog and shared some photo's too. Anyway, today we went to the Zoo!

Robin drives the train there so of course we took a train ride.  Robin's Dad also spent the day with us and he really enjoyed himself.  I must say, we all enjoyed ourselves! After the Zoo, we went to dinner...Jimi ordered Country Fried Steak.

I ordered Grilled Salmon.

Then...after our meal, we spent a bit of time on their farm...

 and we were gifted with some fabulous vegetables from their Garden to take home.

What a great day it was!!!  We are so looking forward to spending time there again and with them soon♥

Much Love,
Milady Leela