Sunday, December 12, 2010

It Is Good To Be Queen

Ahhh, the life of a very spoiled and loved kitty. She has it so good!

Pampered always and gets to lounge around all day in her pretty little fur coat. Hmmm….what a life! I just had to post this pic of her, she is just so special! Yeah, can ya tell, I spoil her. For Christmas this year, she is getting a new glittered collar with a hot pink jingle bell. Haha, my hubby thinks I am crazy for that “she can’t stand to hear that bell around her neck, how would you like it?” He says. Oh but she must like it or she would try to get it off…that is what I say. She wore a collar last year and did just fine. So there!

On another note…lalalala….Our Band is doing amazing things! We have been booked every weekend and very busy learning new material. We just hired someone to run our lights and we have finally found a good sound man! Yay!

Dreams to have Music and Art be my entire world and to give up Corporate America are and will be forever in my heart and soul! I am working on that dream to happen!

Also a glimpse of my Gypsy Jewelry line….thought I might be finished but then had another idea for further embellishment! Oh the brain is always working….yes it would be good to be Queen for a day…just like my little pampered kitty…slow down, take it easy, rest. Nah, I do not have time for that.

So with that in mind…I am off to work on Christmas projects, more shopping and creative Christmas wrapping.

Much Love,


Milady Leela

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