Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Day To Remember

Yesterday was a day to remember...mostly for my daughter Nicole.  She finally had her braces removed after wearing them for three years!

Nicole suggested a restaurant she enjoys for our lunch together.

We ordered a Chicken Philly Sub with peppers and onions on a large roll to share.

Oh my, it was super yummy!!!! I have to go back there again and take Jimi with me...he will love it too!

Nicole and I also went to Joann Fabrics and did some shopping.  We  left there with a lot of new ideas and talked about taking a sewing class together. She was very curious about learning to begin to sew her own clothes and create clothing designs.   One of the most memorable parts of the day for me was that I was able to share with her my knowledge of  how to find a sewing pattern...from finding the look in the pattern book, to laying out the pattern for sewing.  I really enjoyed sitting down with her at the look book table and going through the pages.  It is at times like that I realize how much she is maturing.  I think back to when she was small, it seems like only yesterday.  I cherish those times when she was small but I am really looking forward to watching her mature into the young woman that she is becoming.

Much Love,
Milady Leela

P.S. I brought home a few supplies from Joann Fabric's for the new Jewelry Designs I am working on...if you would like to see what I came home with visit me here: http://youtu.be/V4_8gRgbJNc

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