Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Day In The Life

This past week was really busy!!!  The week started out with me at work on Monday at the Spa. The Band practiced on Tuesday and we took a cool photo of all of us for me to edit.  I  have been playing around a lot lately with a Photo Editing program that my friend Robin told me about so I created some magic to the Band photo.



I also created some more magic to our Trio Band Photo..

On Wednesday, Jimi and I were invited to go to the Oglebay Zoo with our Friend Robin and Roger. We later joined them for dinner at a restaurant called Cheddars.  Jimi and I have never heard of it.  I have to say it was most enjoyable.  My food, I ordered Salmon, was so yummy!!! Jimi ordered Country Fried Steak. His looked really yummy too but it was a bit too rich for me with all of the heavy gravy that it comes with.
I have posted a couple of times already here about this day in previous posts, if you would like to read about it. I also filmed a is on my Youtube Channel...please visit there to hear more about it.

Then on Thursday, we had another Band Practice...Played out on Friday as Sidewinder and on Saturday as The Trio...Busy I say but that is a good thing!

I am now preparing for my upcoming Summer Jewelry Show that takes place this Saturday.  Really looking forward to it!  Remember you all all invited!! If you are local...I would love to see you at the show!
 I have a new idea for a display and can't wait to try it out.  Of course I will get photo's so that I can share it with you...please stay tuned.

Hope you had a great week and sending wishes your way for a magical week to come.
Much Love,
Milady Leela


  1. Dena,
    Sounds like a productive week/weekend! I took some photos over the weekend, I think I should work on a post now :-) The magic you added to the new band photo is a great touch! Looking forward to your next Kitchen Spells post :-)

    1. It was a very productive week for sure!!! Oh I am having so much fun with the Photo editing program...thanks for the compliment. It means a lot to me because I have always admired your photo's long before we even became friends. I will be sharing the Jasmine infused Tea post first and then the zucchini/sandwich much to do! Still need to work on my Wow Wow Wedding post for your Blog Party! I'll get there♥