Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Magical Soap Creations

This is truly special! I have been beaming with excitement to share these Magical Soap Creations with all of you, and now the time has come!

Introducing.. Rose and Fennel Hand Milled Soaps from my Secret Garden Collection of Bath and Body Potions.
All of my Soaps photographed here are delicately touched with Rosemary Fragrance and Faery Dust. Each Magical Soap Creation has been colored with the inspiration of nature and Blessed with Positive Intentions under the Full Moon. The Strawberry Moon that just occurred on Friday the 13th, 2014 in fact.  Did you know that the next Full Moon to happen again on Friday the 13th will not be until 2049? Interesting fact, I'd say!

Anyway, my soaps are Truly Intoxicating!! They smell and look absolutely amazing!  You should see them in person! Gotta brag a bit because I know you would agree. I try to pretend that I am searching for Hand Milled Soaps online and come across these.  My heart would go swoon if I saw them.
Message me for a Custom Order if you feel the same way. 
I have many Fragrances and Oils to choose from. All Soaps can be sold in Full Blocks as pictured or hand cut into Bath Bar or Guest Soap sizes. Prices will vary depending on your request♥
I must say thank you so much to all of you as it is because of You that I can continue doing what I Love and share the Magic♥
Remember to always, Live Life Beautifully.

 Love and Light,
Milady Leela


  1. They look gorgeous and I bet smell amazing!

  2. Aw..thanks so much Jennifer! They do smell so amazing and are so good for mind, body and spirit♥