Friday, April 24, 2015

Been so Busy!!!

Jimi and I have been spending most of our days at the Tea Shoppe. 
Thought I would share some photo's of a few things and progress♥

These awesome and totally rad pieces were speakers covers to a 70's speaker cabinate I found at Habitat for Humanity.  Three of the panels were detached from the cabinet so I asked to purchase the pieces. I purchased all three for only $11.00, how cool is that?

I Plan on attaching them to the unit you see below them which is going to be the counter in our space.  Of course, I will share photo's when it is all complete!!!

Also, I decoupaged a cabinet to hold some treasures at the tea shoppe that have been gifted to me throughout the years, plus a few other lovelies.  Take a peek at this progress♥

In addition, I have been working on creating more Prayer and Blessings Candles for purchasing at the Tea Shoppe.

Each have a specific intention and are infused with oils and herbal blends to coordinate with each intended prayer/blessing.

Also, finished the Bee Goddess Coins of which will be added to my Etsy Boutique and will also be available at the Tea Shoppe♥
                                                              Front and Back

There are a few other projects that I have not yet photographed but lastly, I will share these bookmarks.

I would say....I have Been so busy!!!

Hope youe week has been lovely thus far!

Much Love and Many Blessings,
Milady Leela

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  1. It is looking divine! Especially the decoupaged shelves, dreamy!

  2. I love the prayer candles, the decoupage cabinet and the speakers! What amazing things! Your tea shop sounds so wonderful!

    1. Laura, thanks so much!!!
      Wish ya lived closer to visit..
      xo and Many Blessings Friend!