Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vintage Bath ~Room Tour ~Magical Makeovers~Sacred Spaces of Home

Hello Friends,

One of the projects I had in our Home was to design and re-do the upstairs Bath~Room.
Pictured is preparation of the room before painting.  My Daughter Nicole was very helpful in this first part of the project.  Lucky for me, she cleans very well!  The project is now complete and makes this space so much more lovely.  Since this will be a place for taking long healing Baths...I must say that this is a Sacred Space of Home. 

 So, this  video has been a long time coming!  It was requested of me to film this when the project was complete and now for those of you that have been waiting, Please visit my Channel and join me in this tour of my Vintage Bath~Room ♥

I hope you enjoy watching and I also hope you will be inspired to create your own Sacred and Magical Space♥
Much Love,
Milady Leela