Monday, February 22, 2016

Up Coming Happenings and Creations of Grandeur

We have a busy month coming at The Tea Shoppe....above is our schedule.  It is always a great time when we gather for crafting♥  Each week we do a different project. Visit us on Facebook to see some of the photo's we have posted from our classes.
Last weeks class was Creating Gypsy Lanterns.
I think that they all came out looking Magical!  I will be adding a chain to mine(top  photo) so that I can hang it in my Home Studio.
Speaking of my Home Studio...I have been working on all kinds of projects.
 Below is one I completed and gifted to my Friend Gracie for her Birthday.

I love how it turned out.  She was very happy too and that is most important!!!!

 I most recently I created Brown Sugar and Rose Tea Light Candles.  These were created with intention for Sweet Romance, self Love and Romantic Love. They smell beautiful, I must say♥

I also created what I think are Gorgeous Hand~dyed Papers to use in all sorts of projects.

Both the Tea Lights and Papers are available for purchase so if you are interested. message me for details.
Have a Colorful and Magical Day...I shall speak to you soon♥
Much Love,
Milady Leela


  1. I love the lanterns! I really wish I lived nearer and could drop into your teashop all the time!

    1. Thanks Laura... I wish you did too!
      I will be sharing a photo soon here on the big of my lantern hanging.