Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Enchanting Grace and Musical Moments

 I have chosen to give my Planner a name as she has been speaking to me quietly each week to do so.
Since deciding to use my weekly spreads as a Vision Board for the happenings and goals I have planned and want to achieve, I have seen a constant of beauty and grace unfold as I create each spread.  Therefore, I decided to name her "Grace".  My planner definitely has taken on a very feminine form and I have been able to see that each week my life journey is leading me into a path that is helping me to grow spiritually and emotionally. It is so very important to know that we never stop learning in life~there are many lessons to be learned and I  look forward to each and every new adventure of the journey.

  Finding Truth in this journey with Grace and being one with the ebb and flow of life is such a Magical experience!!!  I encourage you to create vision boards for yourself in a book, planner or journal as I am.  You will be delighted and amazed at how it helps to calm your spirit and take you places that you might not have allowed yourself to go before.

Join me on Facebook in my Planner People/ Vision Board Creators Group.  It is a place to be inspired and enjoy friends that are like minded. I would love for you to check it out and share it with those whom you know would also enjoy.
Speaking of Planners etc...I have recently shared a Free Planner Printable with my Group to use in their creative process. Since then, I have also created two more Printable Sheets.  They will be available for your consideration to purchase at $5.00 per sheet. You do not have to a part of the Planner Group to get these.  I will list them in my Etsy Boutique also.  If you want one, message me to let me know and I will electronically send it to you for printing.  I think you will love them as much as I have loved creating them for you.  I have also included some of my favorite quotes goodness, did I mention... I Love them?!!!
In addition, I have had some Musical Moments this past week that I wanted to share.
I mentioned in an earlier blog post that our Band "The Sidewinder Band" was going to be performing at The Monaca Community Days Celebration.

it was a Fabulous time!!! I invite you to check out our Band Page for more photo's and video's of the event.

It was truly a Blast!!!!!

Hope your week is going Awesome!!

Much Love,
Milady Leela

*Photo of me singing courtesy of Amy Fernandez

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