Sunday, December 17, 2017

Spoken Loud and Clear

So just let me tell you....I happened to stumble upon this deck via a Youtube Review and was totally IN LOVE from that point on! I googled the website for the deck and found that I could order via Amazon and /or Etsy. So in doing further research, I actually found a way to contact the creator of the deck and reached out to her. She was so nice and was very willing to talk with me about the deck and the questions I had at the time about ordering.

So, I ordered the deck! When it arrived, I was awe struck! It truly is that Magical. This is the deck that I reach for most when doing a reading for myself. It is also the deck I reach for when a female client asks me for a reading. I use the deck to read for them in my Magical Kitchen and then film the explanation. I then send the video file to the client in a private email message. It has been a beautiful way of delivering the messages received every time!!!! Let me know if you would be interested in a reading from this deck. Message me to let me know. I would be honored to share this experience with you.

Now this reading that you see in the photo, I did for myself the other day. I have decided to create a Tarot Reading Journal in which to record my draws. I believe that this is great idea to look back on to see how your life journey is evolving and for growth of your soul and spirit.
The read for me was very interesting as it confirmed that I need to make some changes in my world, that things I have been doing, have not necessarily been working and that I need to figure somethings out. It also showed me that a new direction is coming my way and that there will be a catalyst happening to help bring that forth. The moment is to be waited for....oh,when will that be? The Universe has it's own time frame which is different from ours.....but I shall wait, I will see it coming and I believe that it is happening soon.

My Journey, this read said will be turning soon...Yay! That is exciting I say!
I will be earning my own way with this journey so to me, that means growth from what I will be doing will be happening spiritually and Monetarily.

The journey will be Joyful and as always...I am a Woman of the Hearthfire!
This is so true as Heath and Home is something that I am extremely passionate about!!!
It is my true desire to be able to be Home and available to my Family, my adoring Fur Babies of my Kitty Committee and Friends by earning my way from doing the things I love to do...which is creating and Journaling through Art, Videos and other Magical Musings of Content for all of you!!! This is my Passion...My Fire of Desire to earn my way by doing this for all of you!!!
Your generous Love and support of me makes that happen and I am ever so GRATEFUL! You make my Heart Full!
Blessings and Much Love,
Milady Leela


  1. I love the idea of keeping a Tarot Reading Journal. I also thought about journaling about my card readings but am still undecided on whether to incorporate this into my regular journal or to create a separate one.
    Sending you many blessings for your Journey, may it take you to love and happiness! XO

    1. Thank You Uta!
      I decided that this would be a good idea so that I could easily reflect upon it and see how my journey in the year was developing.

      Let me know what you decide ...either way is awesome...spirit will guide you to a decision.

      Sending much Love right back at you for a blessed Yule and Christmas too.