Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday Brings Sparkle and Love

Today is Wednesday. The last few weeks on a Wednesday, I have been at the Thrift Shoppe searching for treasures. Today, I find myself home to organize my make-up and nail polish collections and to continue creating the perfect closet for me. My closet is small but I am making good use of what I have to work with and am happy with it. I will have to do a video or blog about it with pictures at some point in the future. My hope would be that I can share that you can make your closet functional even if it is small like look for that here soon.

Back to the nail polish....This week I found some amazing polish colors and decided to share my look with you. I call it "Purple Madness."

If you watched my video in the last blog post, you would now that I am obsessed with the color purple at this time. If you have not seen the video, you can go to this link and watch it here:
With that in mind, I did a cute nail look that shows off my purple obsession mixed with grey and glitter to create a sparkly effect that really rocks!!!!
Below are the colors I used.

I also wanted to share that my friend Denise created a terrarium and gifted it to me. I had no idea that this was coming.....I just LOVE it!!!!

She remembered that I wanted a cutting of the spider plant she was taking care of and so she cultivated it for me until it was ready to be planted. The vase she placed it in is rectangular which makes the terrarium look really interesting. In it, she placed lovely pink stones. It is truly amazing!!!! Did I mention I LOVE it?
Speaking of Terrariums, I am making several of them to give as Christmas gifts. It is funny how Denise and I are on the same path of cool when you connect that way with your creative friends.
Lastly, I found this gypsy bag at a recent visit to the Thrift Shoppe and had not yet shared it with here it is!
I will probably use it in my closet to store scarves or hosiery....may use it for gypsy potion supplies that I need for the perfume oils I create for my shoppe, I have not yet decided.
Anyway, looking forward to Halloween, it will be here soon.

Much Love,


Milady Leela

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