Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First OOTD Video and Belly Dancing

Over the weekend, as usual we had a Band Gig. I decided to make a quick video showing the outfit that I chose to wear for the performance. It was fun to make and I am thinking that I should do more of these....time will tell. Anyway, below is the video.

Also, I am wearing pink nails this week. I love the color, it is like a bubble gum pink...so pretty!!!! I have not worn this color since the Summertime but was really wanting to wear it again, so I am.
No glitter, can you believe that?

Just wanted to also mention that I has not posted a Sunday in Blog Land because my Uncle by marriage, passed away this past weekend and we had to leave shortly after our gig to get to the viewing and funeral. It was a very emotionally and physically draining weekend, but we got through it.

One last thing I want to mention is that I have joined a Middle Eastern Dance Class....belly dancing to be a bit more clear. Love it!!!!! I will be busy with this for the next six weeks. What a workout!!!! It is a very intense class....for those of you that have taken belly dancing, you know what I mean. You must be able to concentrate in making your body move in such a way that is not as easy as it looks. Below is a video that shows how incredible this form of dance is.

Have a beautiful week and I will be back soon.

Much Love,
Milady Leela

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