Monday, January 14, 2013

Busy Around Here!!!!

Things have been very busy around here!!!! Last week Jimi, Justin and I went to Harrisburg Pa for the Pennsylvania State Farm Show.  Justin was doing a presentation with the Pa Preferred Culinary Connection.  Jimi and I have a Marketing Company that represents Justin so we filmed Video's of the presentation along making several connections.  It was really a nice trip.  Below are a few photo's from Harrisburg...these were taken from our Hotel Room window.

We ate at an Irish Pub the night we arrived called Ceoltas...check it out here:
I enjoyed an amazing Veggie Burger, oh it was yummy....take a peek at their menu  there are so many things to choose from!!!

Let me know if you are familiar with this restaurant...I know I want to go back, even if it is a get-away trip, I would like to visit Harrisburg again.  We did not get to spend more than on day there so a return trip to our State Capital would be Grand!!!

Have a Beautiful Week!!!
Much Love,
Milady Leela

P.S. if you are interested in the Marketing Company I mentioned....visit here:

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