Thursday, January 24, 2013

Show Preparations!!!

I have been very Busy in my Studio!!!!

 I will be involved in a Spring Show so I have been working my butt off making Jewelry, Jewelry and some more Jewelry.  For this show; in addition to taking my Gypsy Jewelry Collection, Jimi and I will be taking the Bees Wax candles we now make too(I blogged about how we were inspired to begin making candles in an earlier post.)  I plan also on taking the Cinnamon Wax Bears I make, since we are incorporating wax in this show.  OOOOoooh they smell so nice and are super cute!!! Anyway, I'll share a few photo's of my Gypsy Jewelry Collection that I have been working on.

So much to do yet....lot's of preparations and thoughts about my mind is going constantly!!!
Today, I picked up a few supply's of things that I needed for a few more designs I am working on and also some things for my signage...I am so excited about this, can you tell?  I promise to share more about this Spring Show soon.   On another note, my Business Partner from RD Productions(Robin) and I along with Jimi(PnL Media Promotions) are creating an Art and Collectible Show for Holiday 2013.  Our meeting this week went really well...take a peek here:

What has been keeping you busy lately?

Much Love,
Milady Leela

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