Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Reveal Show for my Spring Collection of Gypsy Jewelry

Hello my Lovelies!!!!!  Yesterday was the show I have been speaking about for the last several months!!! It was a Huge Success!!! I met so many wonderful people!!! Many of my Treasures sold and now will be a new treasure for someone else.  It truly makes my heart so happy to know that someone else will be loving my designs and will enjoy wearing them♥  Several of our friends (Jimi and Me) came out to support us too. We love you all so much!!!!  I filmed my Table Display at the show and will create a video soon to share with you all here as well as on YouTube....I do however, have photo's to share from our day now.

...and My Jimi who was such a great help...not only in his being there with me for the show, and all that goes along with it but for his support of me in general in all that I do!!! I am a lucky lady to have him in my life!!!

Thank you all for being with me too even if you were not able to come to the show...I appreciate your support in all that you do too♥

Much Love,
Milady Leela

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