Friday, January 17, 2014

Kitchen Spells....Vegetable and Cheese Stuffed Omelette

I have been yearning to post another Kitchen Spell for you.  I made this amazing Vegetable and Cheese stuffed Omelette the other day for Jimi and Me.I served it with sausage links and buttered toast with grape jelly.  It was really easy to prepare and super Yummy!  So, with that being said, He is my recipe.

~Vegetable and Cheese Stuffed Omelette~
A Kitchen Spell by Dena K, Miller

4-6 eggs...I used Brown Organic Farm Fresh Eggs from my Friend Robin's Farm.
2 Table Spoons of Water or Milk.  I prefer water.  I find it makes a fluffier egg mixture.
Vegetables on hand. I used green pepper and tomato.
3 or 4 Slices of Cheese.  I used Velveeta as it was shat I had on hand.
butter for toast and skillet.
4 Slices of Bread. I used sliced Italian.
Grape Jelly.
4-6 Sausage links.

How to:
Prepare your eggs by breaking them into a bowl and then add your water.
Wisk with a fork until frothy.

Prepare your skillet with butter and make sure that the butter melts and covers the skillet bottom.
Turn your burner to a mid range for cooking.
Once hot, pour your eggs into the skillet and cook for a few minutes.
When the eggs begin to bubble, add the vegetables, then layer cheese onto one side If you wish you can reserve some of the cheese to place on top of the omelette.  Jimi and I like ours that way.

You now will need to carefully lift the side of the eggs without the cheese and fold it onto the side with the cheese.
Using a spatula, lift the omelette and turn it over to cook on the opposite side.
When the cheese has melted, your omelette is done.  set aside and cover with the skillet lid to keep warm.
Next cook your sausage and toast your bread.
Add butter and jelly to your toast, plate sausage and omelette now it is time to ENJOY!

Serve this with your favorite beverage..Coffee, Tea, Mimosa, what ever you wish♥ This is truly Delish!!!

Much Love,
Milady Leela


  1. Yum yum yum! You must try feta in an omelette if you haven't already, and black olives, so delicious!

    1. I have used Feta in an Omelette. I agree it is so so yummy, in fact that is my favorite! I'll bet black olives would be delirious too. I will have to try that♥