Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Birthday Tea Party

My Girls Birthdays are so close together that they always like to celebrate at the same time.  This year, they decided on a Birthday Tea Party!  I brought out my Rose China of which I adore!  It was gifted to me from my Mom and Dad. This China was given to them back in 1961 as a wedding present from my Grand Parents. You can imagine how special using this china is...there is such positive energy involved!   Today was the perfect occasion to use it!!!! I prepared my Creamy Chicken Cranberry Salad.

 You can find the Recipe here:  For this Party, I served it on mini Bagels...they were so soft and perfectly yummy!!!

We also had mandarin oranges....

 and the most beautiful cupcakes.

 For our Tea, I prepared Strawberry.

We truly had a great time!!!!

 I think Summer would agree, especially since she is wearing a princess crown that I made for her!

Hope you all had a Lovely Sunday too!

Milady Leela


  1. Aw that is beautiful, what a sweet little family birthday party! Those cupcakes look divine!

    1. It was such a nice time! The girls had fun and that is what I was hoping for!!!! oh and the cupcakes were absolutely yummy!!!