Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Looking Closely

Did you ever see a sign in something that was least expected? I have an interesting little story to share!
My Friend Tina really enjoys my Beeswax Candles.  She purchases them all of the time to replenish her supply.  At my last Spring Trunk Show, she selected a couple of my Hand Dipped Tapers. That evening, she and her Husband had a Date Night at their home and Celebrated on their porch.

As the evening went on and the candles burned, an interesting and spiritual thing happened.

Look you see the sign? There in the wax is a cross that formed as the candle began to drip.
I find this so amazing!!! When Tina shared this photo with me, I felt such a magical feeling!!! When I create these candles, something very Spiritual comes over me. I infuse my intent of Love, Peace and Positive Energy into each and every candle so that the purchaser can take some of that Energy with them.  So when I saw the Cross in the burning candle, I felt that my intentions had transferred to Tina.  She in turn, saw this as a sign that what I have started and what I am creating is something that I should continue to do.
Funny and yet magical as we both saw this as a sign for the good of each other.  Friendship is truly a very magical thing!
Have you seen or experienced any signs lately? I would love to hear♥
Blessings and Much Love,
Milady Leela

*Photo's Courtesy of Tina Mamula


  1. That is just magical! Candle wax is a very interesting way of divining too! Have you ever dripped wax into a bowl of cold water and studied the shapes?!

    1. I have not done that...sounds so interesting...I will have to try this. Thanks for the idea Jennifer.

  2. I love your candles!! There's such a spiritual warmth that I get from them! You can feel the energy that is put in to these beautiful tapers. The glow that is given off from these candles is soft, romantic and warm. It brings such tranquility and comfort to the surroundings.
    This was the first night that we spent outside on our porch....many to come. We couldn't have asked for a more lovely evening to capture this magical moment. We are so blessed!
    Thank you for you wonderful encouraging friendship. It means the world to me!! God doesn't make mistakes by who he puts in our lives!

    1. Tina, I am so glad that you truly enjoy my candles. I also appreciate even more your kind words and friendship! Thank you for sharing your experience with me and for being the beautiful person that you are. You are correct in saying there is no mistake...We were destined to be friends and I am so grateful for all the love and joy your friendship has brought to me♥ I look forward to our friendship growing and becoming all that it is meant to be♥