Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kitchen Spells ~ Happy Home Blessings

It is time for another "Kitchen Spell" I say!  This time,  I am sharing a recipe for ~ Happy Home Blessings.
I came up with this concoction for my two daughters when we celebrated their Birthday Tea.  I have a post about the Birthday Tea, and you can read it here:

With my two Beauties in mind, I created this "Spell" if you will for their Birthdays to manifest a Happy Home and a day filled with Love for them while they essence, I created for them a Happy Birthday Love Spell♥
I used my Oil Burner for this "Kitchen Spell" to not only keep it simple but to make my Kitchen smell absolutely amazing!!!  Everyone knows that when you have a party, all congregate in the kitchen!  That is the place where the Magic Happens!

Happy Home Blessings
A Kitchen Spell~ by Dena K. Miller

One Oil Burner
one tea light candle
10 drops of French Lavender Oil for Love and Healing
10 drops of Rosemary Oil for Strength and Empowerment
4 drops of my own special blend of  what I call "Gypsy Magic" Oil  for Binding the above ingredients. You can use cinnamon in this recipe as a substitute.

How to:
Place all ingredients into the top of the oil burner and as you do this visualize the love and blessings you will be creating for your home and family.

Next light your tea light candle and place it under the oil burner to heat up the concoction. As you do this continue your visualization of your Happy Home♥

Your mind set will bring forth blessings to not only those in you home but to yourself as well.  This concoction with it's aromatherapy and your intent will bring blessings of love, empowerment and peaceful happy home.

I have to say that we all had a very joyous day that day and yes, my Kitchen smelled amazing!!!

 Much Love and Bright Blessings,
Milady Leela

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