Monday, July 7, 2014


Hello my Friends!

I have been wanting to share this with you for so long but it seems that so may other things got in the way...well it is time.  I am excited to share it with you now!
In the month of May, as you know, Jimi and I went to Sedona Arizona.  While we were there, we heard of a small town called Jerome.  Supposedly, this town is Haunted as it once was an old west town and it is said that those spirits still reside there.  Now it is an adorable artsy town with many boutiques and eateries. There is also an old hotel that still accommodates guests.  I have to admit that you do get a sense of  the town being haunted while you are is just a feeling as if those that have past on are still lingering around the town that once was  theirs.
Our first stop in Jerome was a restaurant called The haunted Hamburger.  My friend Justina from told Jimi and I about this place...we so had to check it out!

Next..we went shopping!!!! Oh My, My!!!!

Jimi took a photo of my Sister in law and me outside one of the quaint little boutiques. 

Aren't these just the most adorable signs? comes my favorite boutique of the entire town!!!!!
 Papillon Antiques..this store was so much fun!!!  I adore vintage everything and this boutique was definitely resonating with me!

Look at the hats and do you see the vintage cash register?

 They actually use it for their business!!! So cool I say!  By the way....I love all of these super cute vintage hats!

 I really love how they decorate with the items that are for sale.

 This stained glass window was so pretty to look at with the sun shining through it....and while I was looking at it, I saw a tiny little lizard running up and down it from the outside.  We do not see that kind of thing in Pa. Tee Hee!
 I adore how the lamp separates a section of the selling floor.

 Is this boutique not amazing?

 Every corner, nook and cranny, filled and brimming to the max with treasures to look at!

 ....housed at the entrance,  in the small cabinet to the left were tiny vintage perfume bottles. Yes, this boutique had me from the start♥
...and so ends this beautiful day as we headed back to Sedona.  I do look forward to visiting the town of Jerome again.
For a peek at all the quaint little Boutiques, visit here

Blessings and Much Love,
Milady Leela

P.S. check out the Playlist I have put together regarding our time in is truly a Magical Place on Earth! I love it there so very much♥


  1. These boutique pictures are just so amazing! I have never stepped foot in such an anitiquey and glamorous shop! Did you get anything?

    1. Jennifer, this place was really incredible!!!! Glad that you enjoyed the post and the photographs. I has so much fun that day!!! I know that you would LOVE it there too!!! I had my eye on a few things but did not end up making a purchase there. I did however find a few treasures that I purchased from a few other boutiques that day. I could have spent a fortune though...truly a fun shoppe!