Thursday, August 7, 2014

Magical Spaces of Home ~ My Vanity Table

Hello again my Friends!  Well, last post I shared with you the treasures I found and brought home from Columbiana.  Today, I want to share with you how I have chosen to display some of those treasures.

Please take a peek of my Vanity table...notice the shell and the pink beads?

I love the way the beads rest so beautifully in the shell.  It is as if they were meant to compliment each other like that.

Since shooting these photographs, I have filled up the wooden valet that I thrifted a while ago with the cosmetic items that I use on a daily basis.
I love this idea as it provides an easy way for me to have all that I need right in front of me.

I thought that I would share another view of my Vanity Table.  On the left side is part of my Lipstick collection.  I keep mostly the ones that I use regularly out on display.

Also, I keep my long necklaces on a peg rack so I can see what I have...this makes it so much easier when selecting accessories to go with an outfit.

I'm sure that you noticed my Nail polish collection.  I love how they look on the vintage spice rack and shelf.  it is so much fun to display my things in a boutique like way.

What are some things that you do to make getting ready easier?  How do you like to display your things?  I would love to hear!

Much love,
Milady Leela


  1. I don't know that it makes things faster but I have lots of decorative boxes for my jewelry. Many are from my grandmother (and some were her mothers!) so it's always magical to open them. I don't do a lot with make up (mascara only) but my daughter is a make up fiend. Her set up is very similar to yours!

    1. Oh Nicole, I'll bet that they are absolutely Lovely!!!! It is always so wonderful to have treasures handed down from your family. I can just imagine how magical it is for you to open them...each time is propable like a brand new experience.

  2. I love your collection of polishes on the spice rack.
    I enjoy repurposing decorative items to new purposes, even when those items were originally designed to be functional (like your spice rack) more than decorative.

    1. Laura, thanks so much. Sounds like we have that in common!!! It is so much fun and more interesting to look at that way I think!

  3. Looks absolutely amazing! I keep some of my necklaces on a vintage tea plate so they don't get tangled. Love your unique ways of storing things, especially the spice rack for polishes!

    1. Jennifer, your idea sounds so lovely...I would love to see a photo of your vintage tea plate and necklaces. Thrift shopping and handed down treasures are such beautiful ways to bring a little magic into our surroundings...I know that you agree♥