Saturday, March 28, 2015

Highlights from this Week ~Happy Spring

Happy Spring!!!!!
We look forward to the beautiful Cherry Blossoms each spring as they are not only gorgeous but are earthly manifestations of divine love. The Cherry Blossom clears energy, raises vibrations and aligns us with all that is good.
A small bouquet can help to relieve stress and let go of unwanted and negative truly will bring beauty to your Spirit. Hold a cherry blossom to your heart and affirm that you are ready to accept and receive the blessings that it can bring.

This Video:
 Blessings and Prayers using recycled Waxes

...and these Moon Goddess Candle Cups that I created for our Tea Shoppe.
front and back

Did I mention that Jimi and I are opening up a Tea Shoppe? Stay tuned with me here as I will be sharing info about our new Place soon.
In the mean time,you can visit our Facebook Page
where Something Magical is Always Brewing♥

Much Love,
Milady Leela

*Cherry Blossom Photo via Pinterest


  1. Oh I so love those cups! i hope you are having some real spring weather down there, we sure aren't!

  2. Thanks Jennifer, they look so nice in person and candles flicker the stars onto the wall...still chilly in our neck of the woods. Looking forward to warmth and the sunshine. Xoxo