Saturday, March 14, 2015

Planning and Dreaming ~ Ostara

I am always Planning and Dreaming!  These are two very important things to do and I do, in order to manifest what it is you want in your life!  To do this, one of the things I do is journal and write in my day planner.  I have recently posted the above photo on Instagram and Facebook and was amazed at how many views it received.  There seems to be a whole world of Planner Nerds out there just like me. 
I also posted this photo...
This too got a great response. 
Also this week, I filmed a video about these delicious Planners and Journals and want to share it with you here.

In addition, I have filmed a DIY Video for creating a special candle for Ostara, it is in two parts

Stay tuned with me this week here in Blog Land as I will share with you some really cool things I found for my Ostara Altar and somethings for The Tea Shoppe.  I simply can not wait to share it all with YOU!!!

Much Love and Bright Blessings,
Milady Leela


  1. Your planners are so beautiful! Mine are a hot mess of scribbles and reminders and I'd be devastated to destroy the creative masterpieces you create. Stunning Dena!

  2. Thank you Jennifer,
    Mine get quite messy too at times but I do try to keep them very artsy and fun so that I enjoy looking at them and use them every day to keep me organized♥

  3. We are on the other side of the world, so won't be having Ostara, but many blessings for the event!

  4. Laura, so glad that we can be connected here in Blog Land♥
    Much Love!!!!

  5. Your planners are lovely. I'm going to watch your video for inspiration, later on.

  6. Shell, thanks so much...oh they are so lovely even more so in person!!!!
    Please enjoy the vids, I would love to see your journals too♥