Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blackberry Fruit Salad ~ A Kitchen Spell

This time of year especially, I am always wanting Fresh Fruits! Creating a Fruit Salad satisfies that craving while providing a healthy snack, meal or side dish.

Here is a quick recipe for Fruit Salad that I literally put together in a flash using things I had in my kitchen.

Blackberry Fruit Salad ~
A Kitchen Spell by Dena K.Miller

1 cup of Blackberries
2 Delicious Apples cored and sliced
Fresh Peaches
Fresh Pears
 maraschino cherries
1/4 cup of fruit juice of your choice
*you can use a jar or can of fruit cocktail as a sub for the last four ingredients.
*Optional 1/4 tsp of cinnamon or ginger and Fresh Mint for garnish

How to:
Toss all ingredients together and place into a beautiful serving bowl.
Sprinkle with spice if desired and garnish with fresh mint.

For that magical touch...add your intention of Love and Blessings for those whom you are serving.

...and there you have it!!! A Super Simple, Healthy and Fabulous Fruit Salad fit to nourish your Mind, Body and Spirit♥

I hope you enjoy!

Much Love and Many Blessings of Love, Light and Peace,
Milady Leela


  1. LOOOOVE fruit salad. And blackberries are in season so this is perfection!