Sunday, August 21, 2016

Food, Friendship and Fabulous Finds

 What a Fabulous Day sharing time with our Friend Kathy.  The photo above is a view from her beautiful property.  It is so picture perfect and serene. She lives out in the country and it is always wonderful visiting her!  Our day started with visiting one of our favorite Antique stores...The Antique Emporium, as it is called.
The owner sets out wine to share with all of his guests so when you visit, you can enjoy a glass of wine while browsing.  Coffee is also available and sometimes sweet treats. We just love it there.
I thought you might too, so I took several photo's so that you could also see how fun this place is!

If you want to know what I brought my video below where I share all of the fabulous finds I came home with♥

After our visit to The Emporium, Kathy and I met up with Jimi back at her house and we enjoyed a yummy dinner toghether.
The perfect way to  spend a day...Food, Friendship and Fabulous Finds .

You can visit the website to the Emporium here:

Much Love,
Milady Leela


  1. Your friend has a beautiful property and the antique shop looks lovely!

    1. She does indeed Laura! I agree also about the antique is fabulous!!!!