Thursday, May 19, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday On A Thursday

I polished my nails the other day with a few glittery polishes that I love. I think the combination turned out nice.

I Call it Tricolor Nails


Start with clean nails.

Begin with a clear base coat.

Next, with the gold polish, my choice is Wet and Wild Fast Dry "The Gold and the Beautiful".

I recommend polishing with this color on the entire nail is just easier that way.

Now, use the blue polish, again my choice is Wet and Wild Fast Dry "Teal of Fortune".

This color is to be placed only from the middle of the nail to the free not worry about mistakes, it can be cleaned up later and should have a free form look anyway.

Next up using Art Deco from LA nail Colors "Silver Glitter", polish a horizontal line to join the blue and gold together.

Finally using Poshe' top coat for a glassy and shiny finish, polish the entire nail surface to seal your work.

There you have it....Tricolor Nails. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Just a thought, you could do this look by using your Home Town School or Football Team colors...would be super cool!!!!!

Much Love,


Milady Leela

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