Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just Beautiful

I was able to get together with my Dad this week for lunch. Our schedules are always so very busy and it seems that so much time passes in between our get togethers. I brought my daughter Nicole with me too.
She loves seeing her Poppa! We shared a lovely time having lunch in a cozy Irish Pub and then took a walk along the avenue in his town. While we were walking, I snapped the picture of the Sunflower above. Sun Flowers are so amazing to me. I love how tall they grow and even love to see the bud as it is forming. There is something very beautiful to me about Sunflowers. Notice the bee in the picture. I am grateful to the bee's for how they pollinate and keep nature in motion. Yes, it was a lovely time! It is always Just Beautiful getting together with my Dad!

Just a little note...I have been working on a few treasures for my shoppe lately. One is a Yellow Pill Box Hat and the other, a Tattoo Necklace. I am working on getting a few good pics of the hat but here is a sneek peek of the Tat Necklace.
Both will be in the shoppe soon.

Much Love,


Milady Leela

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