Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Autumn Inspiration

A bit of Autumn Inspiration for me is found in this adorable outfit.

I love the idea of taking a summer sun dress, adding a jacket and a pair of boots to create an easy going, casual look for the Autumn Season. This gets me thinking about my own wardrobe and how I can mix and match the pieces I already own. Lots of fun I say! Honestly, I usually only purchase clothing that can be carried into the next season. It not only is economical but it saves me from having to swap out my wardrobe each season. Of course, sometimes I may see something for a particular season that I just have to have...and then, well you know, I will make an exception to my strategy.

I also wanted to share another inspiration of mine....these beautiful dried roses and collection of corks that sit upon my mantel.

I just love the earthy and natural look of it all. Each cork by the way, has been a bottle of wine of ours. My Hubby and I have been collecting corks for a very long time. I really need to find another Vase to store them in as my collection is still growing. Who knows, maybe someday I will use those corks for a really cool project. I once saw a kitchen that had wine bottle corks as the back splash behind the counters. It was absolutely so creative and incredible to look at!!! Of course the roses, well they are and will always be an inspiration to me.
Their beauty enchants me! Each time I receive a bouquet of roses, I dry them and use them all around my house. To me, they are just as lovely dried as they are fresh.

I hope that the Autumn Season brings inspiration into your world...let the enchantment begin!

Much Love,


Milady Leela

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  1. Hi, Thank you for following me and your kind words.. Of course I will follow you..
    I love fall collors and actually live in Michigan where the fasll colors will be visible in about 3-4 weeks....
    I can't wait to see your practial magic post...I am still editing photos as well as adding a few. Thank you so much...I will see you soon.