Friday, August 5, 2011

Time To Share

The Special surprise that I wanted to share with you was that my Hubby and I were finally able to take our Honeymoon Vacation after being married for 4 years.

We had the most amazing and romantic time. I have so many pictures to share it is not funny but I have to choose my most favorites. I am still in the process of going through them all and then of course editing them, so it will still be a while before I can share more of them with you. I do however have a few that I want to share now.

You probably would like to know where we went....we went to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. A very good friend of ours let us borrow a Red Convertible to drive down in style.

It was so much fun!!!! Jimi just loved driving it!

We decided to spend most of our time at the Villa to enjoy the beach, pools and hot tubs..
we also chose to eat in most of the time as to have quiet meals together.

We prepared yummy lunches and dinners and had frozen drinks.

Peace and quiet was so sweet to us....we really enjoyed this much needed vacation together.

Much Love,


Milady Leela

***Ocean at sunset pic courtesy of The Threadbanger Blog

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