Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Week Left

Christmas will soon be here!!!! I can not believe it...still have so much to do. It is all good though, I know that I will get it done. So far, I have accomplished quite a bit...handmade ornaments, gifts and some wrapping. I am planning to finish up by Christmas Eve. This year, the kids will not be here on Christmas Eve so I will still have that day and night to do all the last minute things.

My December Victoria Magazine has arrived and is so lovely!!! Do you get Victoria Magazine? If not, I so recommend it! It is one of those magazines that makes you feel warm inside and totally relaxed when reading it or looking through all of it's glorious pages. Just take a look at a few here.

This weekend, we celebrated a Family Tradition of which I want to share with you. We call it "Trivus Christmas"

Also, I hope to write a Whimsy Wednesday post this week and share a few more pics of our tree before Christmas. I must run off...... as said before, still have so much to do, I can relate to the elves.

Have a lovely Day.

Much Love,


Milady Leela

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