Saturday, July 28, 2012

Time For Tea

"It is time for Tea....wont you join me please?"  Says the Mad Hatter!
It is Tea Time Indeed.....
 The decorations are placed and the guests will soon be arriving♥

Please do sign the Guest Book♥
 Lovely Tea cups♥
 Pretty Plates...
... and Princess Mugs♥

 The Garden awaits your arrival♥

 Have your brought your costume?

 I have put on my Faery Wings♥


I have even sprinkled some magical Faery Dust♥

There are yummy nice and sweet♥

Miniature good to eat♥

Oh....some of the guests have arrived♥

Mr. Jackson must have showed them into the garden♥

In the distance....I hear Jimi calling to me♥

  I believe he has stumbled into the Enchanted he looking for me?

  Further into the Forest he goes.....

...and he has found this rose♥

In the clearing, there is a tiny little house....

once inside....a miniature cake directs him to take a bite♥

Is that a toadstool he sees?  It is sew small...can it really be?

 Back to reality and the Party of Tea.... the little dolls are calling to me♥

Where castles and dreams are sometimes all that they seem♥

 Was this just a dream?  Have I gone mad?  Or is it just the way things go in my Enchanted Land?

I bid you farewell for now... and thank you for visiting says Midi the Kitty and Zoey Beth too.
But there is one more thing I would like for you to do...take a peek at dear Vanessa's blog so sweet.  I promise you will love it and are in for a treat.  She is hosting her tea at Afancifultwist....I know that you will love it and want to be on her list....the list for next year's Mad Hatter Tea that is! You can find her @ (copy and paste the link to visit her party)

Once again, thanks so much for joining me today...I really hope that you have enjoyed your visit. Please leave me a comment, I would love that and it will help me to reach your party too.  Also, I have created a few packets of Tea Dye that I want to share with three of you. The dye is to be used to create vintage looking fabrics. I will select the three winners based on a random drawing. Please tell me in your comments  what you would do with the Tea Dye if you were to receive it. I think it would be fun to see all of the ideas on what you would create using this. Also make sure that your comment provides me a link so I can notify you if you win♥

 Much Love,
Milady Leela

P.S. Please visit me also at
some of the pictures included in this post are from treasures in my shoppe.

**all pictures are exclusively owned by me except for the Mad Hatter Tea pic(Google images) The tiny cottage( the glass toadstools(found on Pinterest)


  1. Thank you for inviting me into your lovely party! Such fun guests and wonderful treats. The tea dye sounds fasinating, I imagine I would dye ribbons to a vintage look then wrap the ribbon around note cards I give as gifts. Party On!

  2. Oh what a lovely tea party, and what strange toadstools! I hope you don't mind if I take some cake home with me :)
    Thank you so much for inviting me,
    I hope to see you soon at my party too, everyone is invited :)
    Mad Madam Mel x

  3. What a pretty tea party post, and I love those kitties! Thanks for having me :)

    Please come take tea with me at my party:

  4. Thank you so very much for hosting a lovely tea party! I enjoyed my stay and LOVED those crystal mushrooms. I think the tea dye might be used well on paper for a lovely antique effect.

    1. Thankyou for your lovely party and invite to join you.
      (sorry this was the only way to leave a message!)

  5. What a beautfiul party! I LOVE those toadstools, so cleaver! If I won some of your tea dye I would use it on the artsy prayer flags I am making for my backyard, that would just finish them off perfectly!
    I hope you can visit my party:

  6. Magical party! Please stop by mine if you can! :)

  7. Milady loveliest, helooooo!! Oh, you in wings, perfect!! Loove the treats, and the woooooods! Oh all of it. Thank you ever so much for being here, you are wonderful!!!

    Happy Mad Tea Partying!

    ♥ Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

  8. A sweet tea party, Milady Leela. I had a good time.

  9. Oh, what a lovely visit for all - children through grandparents - to enjoy your sweet tea sets, delicious yummies, and delightful guests. Thank you for a fun visit for the Mad Tea Party 2012.

  10. Milady Leela,
    Your party was magical! I would love to use your tea dye on the fabric I use to make my art doll's clothing. I think it will give it a nice effect!
    I hope you will come explore my tea party and giveaway!

  11. Oh such fun! And what a decadent cake - Eat me! Yes please, vanilla is my absolute favourite!

    Please do visit my tea party!!

    Lots of sugar and spice and everything nice.
    Queen Creative

  12. Lovely tea party, thanks so much for having me.

    Oh and your castle is gorgeous!

  13. Oh, what would I do... what would I do....

    Well, I just happen to have some fabric that is too plain white and boring for my taste. I was going to use it for the tables in my booth at the crafter's markets. But, couldn't decide what to do with them, to pretty them up. That tea dye, would be just about perfect! :)

  14. I had the most delightful time at your party and I loved all of your sweet treats and tea. Your decoratiobs were amazing.
    I hope you have the time to come to my party:

  15. Lovely tea party! I would be quite happy living in that little cottage! My blog is new so I didn't create a tea party myself, but will definitely participate next time. I'm loving all the great blog discoveries and I'll definitely be back to visit yours again :-)


  16. Happy UnBirthDay! I had a lovely time.

    I am presently working with altered pages and journals, so I would dye ribbons and snippets and bits and bobs, and antique some pages.
    I would like to try my hand at making a bunting or banner and that would be an interesting dye project.

  17. delightful tea party .... thank you for the invite it was so nice of you... hugs wendy

  18. Milady Leela,
    Twas a wonderful delightful trip through your enchanted Tea Party Adventure. I loved your fairy wings, but my most favoritest lovlies were those awesome crystal mushrooms. How enchanting and original are those. I must make some for sure before the next tea party.
    I would love to win one of your tea dyes. I could think of lots of vintage lace and cotton that I have lying in my studio to create into a wonderful skirt for another party. Maybe Halloween. Oh how exciting. Please enter me in the giveaway.

    Thank you for inviting me. Oh please do drop in for a Spoonful of Mad Tea over on the Other Side of Wonderland
    Wishes and Whimsy
    Wendy from Wonderland

  19. A wondrous party, indeed.....thanks to you and the felines, too, for inviting me :)

    I think I would use the dye to color new doilies to give them a more aged look for crafts and such. So neat!


  20. Loved your party from start to finish! The rainbow honeycomb balls, the treats, mushrooms, the teacups - wow!
    hope you can stop by my parties!

  21. Ohhh i love your Tea Party...and all the yummy treats.
    The Glasmushrooms are great....have a nice day

  22. Thank you for having me over, even I was a little late-ish. I love those crystal toadstools !!!!! tea dye for my art dolls, yeah ! xoxo Joyce

  23. thank you for a lovely time!

  24. I love your wonderful Tea Party!I am sorry I am late for such an important date!

  25. I'm so glad I found your party. Yes, I'm fashionably late. I love your fairy wings, and am very happy you shared your fairy dust. It puts everyone in such a fun party mood! In fact, I'm afraid I must confess that it gave me a big appetite, and I may have eaten more than my share. I do hope you will forgive me! :O)

  26. I had much fun at your enchanted tea party. The glass mushrooms were spectacular! :)

  27. this was a lovely party...the crystal toadstools were my favorite but I'm partial to them. Please stop by as I'm having my own giveaway too!

  28. What a lovely tea party! Pretty plates and cakes and fairy wigs, just perfect!

    As for Tea Dye, I'd use it to dye cotton to make cloth for my dolls. The colour the cloth comes out decides what kind of doll it is.

    Thank you for inviting me!

  29. Thank you so much for inviting me to tea! I had a lovely time! I think the tea dye would be wonderful for brushing on scrapbook paper to give it an aged effect!

  30. Running late still making my rounds! Thank you for your lovely posting of such a Mad tea party1 Cheers!

  31. Thanks so much for inviting me to you enchanting Tea!
    I loved your little pies and those toadstools...what an awesome idea! (gotta love pinterest)
    I do not wish to be in the drawing thank you anyway.
    Please come visit my party.

  32. What a delightfully mad tea party! I just love the glass mushrooms. Your teacups are so pretty and the desserts look divine. Thanks for sharing! ~Michelle

  33. What a lovely celebration! The treats look super yummy and I love the crystal mushrooms. Thanks for sharing!

  34. Good Morning, Mi lady! I would like to inform you that you are the winner of my Tea Party Giveaway (Alice In Wonderland, the movie). Congratulations! Please see my blog for details, and have a most wonderfully whimsical day! :)

  35. OMG!! What a great tea party? Just adorable preparations. From start to the end seriously loved everything. Also loved tea cups and cookies. They looks so marvellous. Loved those wings too. Want to have tea party for my old friends at event venues Chicago. Haven’t met them from last few months.